This Neck Of The Woods

Things are getting really crazy ’round these parts.

Recording. Writing. Preparing. (Between the heavy equipment and beeping of the never-ending construction going on the road outside my house.)

All in anticipation for the brand new Said+Done 2.0 class, which starts in ten days!

As a result, this is happening…

Check out all the details HERE.

On top of the madness of class creation (did I just say that?), I do enjoy dabbling with my stamps from time to time. If you follow me on social media, you’ll have seen what I’ve been doing with both old and the new Fresh Air stamps. It’s fun to stop and play once in a while, ya? Thought I’d take a moment and share them here in the immortal world of blogdom.


[ Stamps | Maxwell Outline + Fresh Air ]


[ Stamps | Kramer Outline ]

Love how you can pretty much spell out a whole phrase with the multiple letters in this alphabet! And that phrase is in reference to sunshine and travel. Yup.

stamps-fresh-air web

[ Stamps | Fresh Air ]

It’s my favorite way to stamp.

Little touches. A phrase. Subtleties.

It adds so much.
And now, back to our regularly scheduled recording….

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