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I’ve been very troubled over the past couple of months hearing the craziness going on in our country. Like, as in scared. A lot of it seems to stem from the political side of life, which I won’t get into or share my feelings there. But I will say that I’m afraid for our country. I’m afraid how people are acting…and that people think it’s acceptable. Every day it seems like there is something terrible going on or being said.

Where did our kindness and respect go for one another?

Normally I try not to pay attention to all the crap going on in the Facebook world, but one story caught my eye yesterday. Someone being completely rude and vulgar to another in a drive-thru and the recipient of the rudeness, in turn, paying for the rude person’s meal–and teaching his son kindness in the process. That takes a lot of gumption to ‘turn the other cheek’ and do something kind instead.


About ten minutes later, I’m down in my studio listening to some tunes when this song by John Mayer came on.

I’ve always loved this song. In fact, it reminds me of driving along a two-lane road in the middle of Idaho somewhere near Silver Creek during a trip with my hubs to Sun Valley a few years ago.

The message, the heart of life is good.

I believe that there is much more kindness in this world than the negative we always seem to hear about. We can all be better.

May we always be tolerant.
May we always be understanding.
May we always be patient.
May we always be positive.
May we always speak kind words.

We’re all in this world together.
Let’s make it a great and positive place.
Let’s love one another.

That’s my challenge to you today. To do something kind for someone, perhaps outside of something that you would normally do. And take it a step further and make it a priority every day.

And now, in my efforts towards all things positive, I’m doing a giveaway of a stamp set of your choice to three lucky people.

To enter, leave a comment here of what you would like to do–or recently did–as an act of kindness. Or maybe share something you saw happen. Let’s feed off of one another’s positivity rather than the negativity.

Winner will be drawn Sunday morning.

And as one more act of kindness from me…the above print (cut file) is available as a freebie for you all.


Cut or print it out. Hang it up. Use it as a reminder that being kind and positive is much better for your life and everyone around you. (The border I added comes from the Christmas Means More.)

Love turns the whole thing around.

After all, the heart of life is good.


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On a side note, the sale for the Said+Done 2.0 class has been extended to the end of the week. And I know many of you have been waiting for this–the Lincoln Outline stamp is on preorder, so you can pick that up now. Shipping should begin after March 15. Also on preorder are