and the winners are…

I so enjoyed all your comments of positivity and acts of kindness! I think the world needs to hear more about the good things rather than hear the–always loud so it can be heard–negative things.

Inch by inch we can make the world better. We’re all in little corners of the world and kindness can spread just as easily–if not more so–than negativity. Someone from The Netherlands posted this on the KBS Facebook page and I wanted to share it here because she said it so well:

“I live in the Netherlands and there’s a lot going on here with refugees and possible terrorism attacks. I feel like everyone lives in fear and negativity instead of seeing the good and enjoying life. Your blogpost made me realize that we only live once and we have to make the best of it and bring others around us joy and happiness.”


It’s the tiny little cups of teas from a co-worker, the helping of the elderly neighbor, the shoveling of your neighbor’s snow that make the world a better place. Tiny little acts of kindness where we help and uplift one another. It brings not only joy to them, but joy to yourself…which is a wonderful byproduct. :)

And now for the winners!

BARBARA – MARCH 4, 2016 – 12:19 PM
PHYLLIS BEAVER – MARCH 4, 2016 – 2:30 PM
NATALIE (QSOGIRL) – MARCH 5, 2016 – 5:29 PM

Congratulations ladies! Email me (  with your address and the stamp set you’d like, and we’ll get y’all set!
And because I don’t like having a post without a photo, here’s something fun we’ll be playing with in the new Said+Done 2.0 class that starts next week!



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