Good Day Sunshine

The days are just getting so beautiful outside! 68 today…70 tomorrow? Of course, it never lasts for long when it’s spring in Utah as 42 and snow+rain are suppose to return on Tuesday. I’ll definitely take the beautiful weather when I can get it though. I may have to make outside my office tomorrow though.

loving the sunshine.

And that’s why the phrase ‘Good day sunshine’ had to be included on the Fresh Air stamps. Anything that invoked that feeling of ahhhhhh needed inclusion, yes?

Well, our Miss Maggie has a wonderful page to share with you today! More from the

[digital] Fresh Air stamps which she has combined beautifully with the actual Travelogue and Wanderlust stamps!

Can you say love?

Take a look — with commentary from Maggie:

Hey everyone! Maggie here! Spring is right around the corner and I could not be more ready. Even though we’ve had a pretty mild winter here in the Midwest, warmer air and singing birds can not arrive fast enough for me.

I found an older photo of my daughter the other day while I was trying to (ugh.) organize some stuff on my computer and it just brought back so many memories of the days I used to spend in the park with the kids. I love this photo because Kinsley looks so carefree and content…not exactly excited or overly crazy with happiness…but content. And I love it. I thought it would be cool to add a few digital stamps to some of the negative space in the photo, and immediately I thought of Kerri’s brand new Fresh Air digital stamp set.


I opened up my photo in Photoshop CC and, using the brush files included with the digital stamps, I “wrote” over my photo. (Note: you can do the same thing in any photo editing software that allows you to open up .png files…those are also included in the digital version). I used the Stroke function to outline the top stamp – “ENJOY the ride” – and I LOVE how it turned out.



Next I opened up the “Good Day Sunshine” .png file in Silhouette Studio, traced it and cut it from plain old white cardstock. A quick outlining with my journaling pen allows the white letters to stand out a bit from the whitewash background. Don’t look too closely…I’m not a fantastic outline-er.


Then I added some physical stamping to my page with Kerri’s Travelogue and Wanderlust Stamps. Oh man…these stamps. My favorites.

And finally I added a few little embellishments…some enamel dots and a chipboard flower.


I wanted to really keep the focus of this page on the photo, so I kept my colors (or lack of them) and embellishments totally simple…and I love how it turned out.

+ + + + + +

Oh man, oh man! I love all the itty bitty lovely things Maggie did with the stamps! My favorite part is how she used the dashed lines in combination with the words. Love, love, love that! I need to remember to do that next time.

Just a lovely page, my friend!

+ + + + + +


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