I’ve been in a bit of a ‘designer’ mood. Preparing classes will do that to a gal. All I’ve been thinking about lately is how fun it is to design. And even more fun, teach others how to do it as well.

A few short years ago, I made a class called Design Secrets where I shared so many of my thought processes when it comes to design–particularly designing with Silhouette Studio. Granted, I am a self-taught designer. Personal computers were barely even available when I was in college. You should have seen the first one I had to use for my lab assignments!

For the last ten years I’ve taught myself how to use these amazing designing tools. It all started with an assignment to create a Cricut cartridge. I took the challenge and plopped down $600 on Illustrator and that was a huge expense for us! (I wished I would have known about the education discount at that time.)

Ten years ago there wasn’t the plethora of YouTube videos, blogs, and class opportunities. You basically needed college to have someone teach you how to use it. And with three young kids, that wasn’t happening. The internet was just beginning to grow too, so really, not a lot of information available.

But little by little I figured things out pretty much by myself…and did some things the hard way, I might add. I did have a sweet friend that I would ask a question when I exhausted all resources.

Maybe that’s why I’m so passionate about teaching others how to design…to give them the power to do it themselves. Hmm. I think I may have just made a discovery. I may have Dr. Phil’d myself.

But designing is liberating!
And so much easier than you’d think!

So I thought it might be fun to offer Design Secrets on sale for $15 off through Wednesday!

It is packed full of information…all my little secrets. And we design just about all the elements we use in Silhouette Studio. Wanna peek at a page?  Okay! :)

It’s one of my favoritst pages ever.

ds today 4x3