When you love fonts and all things text as much as I do–not to mention anything that has the word free associated with it–it only seems fitting to have a regular feature on the blog. I’ve done a lot of showcasing of free fonts in certain classes, like the Said+Done series and others, but I thought it might be a grand idea to feature a favorite free font…mmmm….I don’t know that I should commit to every week, but we’re going to shoot for most Fridays at least. :)

Here’s the first of many to come!



What I like:

  • The mix of script and caps in one font = perfection .
  • Both play nicely together.
  • The script is just the right touch of script.

Helpful Hints:

  • You might want to decrease character spacing between some letters, like the ‘k’ (see sentence–letters were adjusted).
  • Add a stroke in black or white when using various font sizes to balance the weight of the font (see example). If you’re using Studio, you could use Offset, but it since it probably isn’t a cutter-friendly font, adding a line color would be easier. I added a white stroke to the top row and a black stroke to the rest.


Haiku’s Script
is a wonderful handwritten free font from dafont.com.