Today’s Fab Font comes to you from…a sweet little script of a font called Adefebia. When I saw it, I was somewhat smitten.



What I Like:

  • The extra little swirls on some of the letters. Check out the ‘n’ and ‘d’!
  • The fact that it looks uneven instead of a ‘perfect’ script.

Helpful hints:

  • Add a stroke (AI/PS) or Line Color (Silhouette Studio) to some of the letters to make it look more authentic.
  • Change the baseline–or placement–of some letters vertically so the words are more uneven.
  • Make some letters larger.
  • Some free fonts, such as this, are a scaled-down version of a much larger version…the one with the glyphs or ligatures…or as I like to call it, the swirly twirlies. If you follow through the artist’s links, you can often find the full version of the font for fairly decent price. That being said, you have to have something that can access the additional characters, like Illustrator. So be careful in purchasing the font. Make sure that you can access the swirly twirlies first.

Pay close attention to he helpful hints used in the example above.

This font says 100% free. In most cases that means for personal+commercial use. Often the readme file that comes with the font states that. I didn’t see it specifically stated with this font, but I believe you’re fine to use it commercially.