I love very clean sans serif fonts. I love mixing them with script or bold  fonts too. The look of the mix is dreamy.

So today we take a look at Quicksand from FontSquirrel.com.



What I like:

  • The simplistic, almost elementary look is divine.
  • The Q. You know I have a thing for awesome letters. This one is lovely.
  • This may sound weird, but the letters almost seem serene.
  • Comes in different weights for easy typographic designs.

Helpful hints:

Sometimes using the ‘auto’ spacing for your lines of text doesn’t create the spacing you’d think due to tall letters or letters that extend below the baseline. In cases like this, I prefer to look at the space between the baseline of the line above and the next line below rather than the bottom of a letter that extends out, like the g above.

On the line ‘life will still be’, there are many tall letters so that the appearance of the line seems full and normal. If there were only one letter, like an f, I might would have brought the line up. It’s kind of a ‘what looks best’ scenario. Is it designed graphically correct? I dunno. I go with my gut and what I feel looks good. :) In this situation, the one on the left doesn’t look bad. I almost didn’t notice it. But I prefer the one on the right.

time out


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And now, today is April 15. The day that’s known as the big tax due date here in the U.S.
However, this year it’s been extended to the 18th due to a legal holiday.

I don’t know about you, but much of our lives has been on the ‘self-employed’ side.
So come this time of year I can always use any savings I can get.

So today, there’s a little of this going on.

tax relief day web2

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So whether you’ve got a tax refund burning a hole in your pocket or you need to save a few to pay taxes, everyone can use a good sale. :)