Just the name alone makes me want to be outside. Is it any wonder that this came spilling out?


You can pick up this awesome Lumberjack font in a few places, including dafont.com.

What I like:

  • Comes in four styles. Regular, which will be great for cutting, as well as Rough and Rough Shadow, which gives it an awesome distressed look and would be best printed. It also come in Inline. That being said, I got a ‘serious error’ when installing that one and so I opted not to install it because my Mac said ‘Don’t install it.’ I take heed to those warnings. Bummer, because I liked that style.

Helpful Hints:

  • When combining with the shadow, type the phrase in Regular or Rough first, copy+paste it, change it to Shadow, and if you’re in Silhouette Studio or Photoshop/Elements send it to the back. Or, if you can select the back one, change it to Shadow.
  • Try using a different color for the shadow. Looks great in the same or a different color.
  • Mix it with an awesome script font. (This will be featured next week.) It just needed it because it went so well with it. :)
  • Try mixing your letter sizes on the ends just for fun.
  • Looks really great with the bursts from Burst of Hipster!