Get Ready for (i)National Scrapbook Day with Sales, Ideas and Brand New Stamps Today!


Oh me, oh my! We are going to have a grand week starting today as we get ready for (i)National Scrapbook day!

And today is rockin’ it all!

First, we have brand new stamps for all those fun little trips you’re gonna be taking this summer!

Say hello to Found and Vacation!


So many delightful words and phrases on these two little stamp sets! I showed you a sneak peek of the Vacation 3×4 stamp on Friday (previous post), but take a look at some of the combinations you can do with the Found 4×6 stamps!


They look awesome when you mix them up with the Ashland and Maxwell sets too!

Those of you who have taken the Here There Everywhere class might recognize that ‘Greetings From’. You know I love a bit of retro. And the Vacation? Yup, from The History Project. I love seeing some of these designs come to life in the form of stamps!

Stamps have a tendency to go quickly ’round these parts and they are on sale for today only, so be sure to pick yours up today!

Tomorrow we’ll have something totally new up for sale, so you don’t want to miss that—and every day through Friday too. :)

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Now I do declare we need some inspiration all this week, yes? I say we kick it off with some fabulousness from our Miss Paige!

Check it out….

Adventures by Paige Evans
Adventures Detail 1 by Paige Evans
Adventures Detail 2 by Paige Evans

[ Designs | Fanciful Phrases ]

I know what you’re thinking…wow. Yeah. Me too!

Love how Paige pairs up the KBS designs so beautifully with her own gorgeous Fancy Free line from Pink Paislee! Those letters look amazing cut in the multi-colored paper!

It’s just so bright and cheery and you just can’t help but smile.

Here’s a little ‘how-to’ from Paige:

  1. Cut the “Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures” file from paper #12 in Fancy Free and then adhere the letters down the B-side of paper #10. Leave a space for a photo in the center.
  2. Fussy cut flowers from paper #7 and layer them on the top left and bottom right edges.
  3. Add chipboard, transparency, and puffy sticker flowers over the paper flowers.
  4. Sprinkle chipboard flowers (cut apart from one cluster) over the letters.
  5. Journal on the left and drop black and white paint across the layout to finish.

It ’tis divine.

Alright folks! This is just the beginning of a grand week. You don’t want to miss a day of ideas and sales, so stay tuned to the blog and social media so you’re always ‘in the know’. :)

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