(i)NSD Week| Spring and Summer…Here We Come!

After a week of gloomy, cold + rainy weather, yesterday’s taste of spring and hope of summer has swept me away. It swept me away high in the mountains with my husband at Strawberry Reservoir where he went fishing and I sat in my reclining camp chair…and didn’t do a darn thing, even though I’d brought work and even a book. I basked in the sunlight, feeling the warmth on my face. I listened to the sounds of the birds–particularly enjoying the Canadian geese and loons. The sound carries for long distances, so you could even hear the guys chatting in their pontoon boats clear out on the lake.

It was glorious. Just what I needed.

And when I came home, I’d noticed the first iris of my big iris plants had opened and displayed its beautiful state.

strawberry and iris web
After all that, I had a church planning meeting where everything came together so wonderfully–and quickly. I walked out after and noticed the most glorious evening. Came home and couldn’t stand the thought of being inside, so I grabbed the dog and went outside with him and took him for a walk.

To say yesterday was rejuvenating is an understatement. I needed it.

outdoors. i need more of it.

And it’s making me hungry for consistent weather terribly. I’m not a ‘hot’ weather person, so I’m not looking for anything in the 80s. 70s would be perfect, thank you.


So today, we are celebrating the possibilities of the beautiful weather to come, by saving 30% on spring + summer designs!

Prices are marked, so take a gander through the store and see if there’s something you need to help you get ready for that lovely weather too!

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And now in all things good and fabulous in the world of (inter) National Scrapbook Day, we have a happy springy page from our Aussie guest, Emma Wood!



[ Designs | Fresh Air Digital Stamps (funky branch) / Modern Nature (circle funky branch) / This+That: Summertime (flowers).

I love the color combination here. That bright pink–which normally isn’t my color–has just been…wellllll…tickling me pink of late! And I love how it pops on the white background. The page is just pure happiness!

Here’s what Emma has to say:

I’m on a real flower kick at the moment – I want to put them everywhere!  And the weird thing is, it’s not even Spring over here (in Australia) which is what you might think kick starts the flower craze!  And if you know me at all, you’ll know I’ve got a thing for pink, black, yellow and whites.  So I went with 3 our of my 4 faves for this one!

I went through and found a few favourite flower/leaf type die-cuts and cut away on the Cameo like a mad woman.  I can honestly say I have at least 10 times as many spares (of each!) left over as I do one this page.  Completely smitten by them all and plan on using them over and over.  I created a bit of dimension by adding layers to each flower and adding a brad to the centre of a few flowers. A brad?! I know right!  I honestly couldn’t tell you how old they are, been in the stash for a while..


I am so with you on cutting out multiples Emma! If I need ‘one’ of something that I love or is a staple, I might as well cut more and have a stash. Best tip out there!

Thanks so much for playing with us!

We will actually be seeing a little more from this darling girl and her amazing talents later in the week too. Yahoo!

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