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What is it about handwritten words? Remember when it seemed that everyone wanted to get away from the hand drawn letters and use fonts? Now, it appears, we’re kickin’ it old school and reverting back to all things written by hand. What goes around, comes around, eh?

There are so many awesome styles out there right now too. I wish I could write like many that I see. But I believe it would require the ‘p’ word, and ‘practice’ apparently isn’t in my vocabulary. It was something I used to do as a teenager. I’d write all the time–just doodling around. And heck, at the risk of being modest (ha), my kids were quite impressed with my first grade writing skills. I really should find time to practice styles of handwriting other than the one I’ve had for 40+ years. ;) Get more ‘artsy’, if you will. Alas, for now, I will just look, admire and dream of a day….

But all this handwritten stuff is fun nonetheless and Laura has used one of the KBS handwritten kits fabulously on her page for our (inter) National Scrapbook week!

Check it out….


[ DesignsGrateful (forever), This+That: Family (always + star), Simplicities: Best Thing Ever (tab) ]

Oh my stars! (Sorry. Couldn’t resist. It is an accurate statement though.) Isn’t that just wonderful? Love the star background…and her color choices! And one of my favorite techniques is to mix handwritten and plain text together.

grand. just grand.

Here’s what Laura has to say about it all:

This past week, I had one of my favorite daycare dudes, Mateo, leave me as he moves on to preschool. He’s been with me since he was just 4 months old, and is now an awesome 4 1/2 year old. I made sure to get a good photo of him last week, as I was preparing an album full of photos for him to take with him on his last day. I loved seeing one of the first photos I took of him alongside the last photo I took of him, and knew that I needed to create a layout using both of them.

I wanted to create a white on white background for this layout, and knew I wanted to incorporate lots of stars. I used one of Kerri’s basic star cut files to fill an entire page of stars to cut from my white cardstock. I ended up cutting two full sheets of stars, and only had a few leftover. I adhered the stars in rows on another sheet of white cardstock, only adding the adhesive to the center of the stars so that they weren’t fully adhered to the page and had some dimension to them. Once I had all of the stars adhered, I spritzed the entire page with navy blue and green misting spray.

For my title, I settled on using the “forever” from the Grateful kit and “always” from the This+That: Family kit, adding in a few letter stickers to complete the title. I cut a few tabs from the Simplicities: Best Thing Ever kit to tuck under each photo, so that I could add the year and Mateo’s age to go along with the photos.

We love it Laura!

+ + + + + + +


Now with the way our week has been gong, any guesses as to what might be on sale today? :)

You guessed it!
(Or at least my ESP is indicating that you guessed it.)

You can save 30% on handwritten phrases today only!

And just for fun, here’s one of my favorite phrases from Seasonably Said that I was just gandering (yeah, it’s a word) at yesterday. It truly is a wonderful world.

(Cut in gold vinyl, adhered to a transparency and placed in a clear frame)

wonderful world

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    So super cute Laura! TFS

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