If you’ve been watching social media, you know that I took a little getaway to California to visit family over the past long weekend. I wanted to make it a goal to take more video and have some fun learning how to do all that–just using my iPhone. I also thought it would be fun to show the actual drive, for those that don’t live ’round these parts.

I didn’t realize just how much footage I took of driving down there…and actually wish I would have taken more! I wish I would have captured more of the towns we drive by because I actually think it’s pretty cool to document a road you travel often (in particular). I had just been commenting to my girls about how the freeway used to be a highway through some parts of the state. We used to drive through the town of Nephi on our way to or from St. George and we’d stop to get an ice cream cone with my grandparents. I remember sitting in the shade and eating the cone.

Things change. Places change. The simple life gets more complicated, yet streamlined. I miss the simple life.

I’m also always fascinated by the scenery. I’ve done my fair share of traveling–by road–all my life. I love it. I love seeing what this world has to offer. And I don’t get bored looking out the window either. I’m completely content poring over all the hills and dales of the country. My mom used to even have us count the waterfalls when we’d travel from the west side of Oregon over to visit cousins on the east side (or on to Idaho to see the grandparents).

Good times.

So here is my first video masterpiece (ha ha). It’s my very first attempt using iMovie on my iPhone. It actually works pretty easily! If you haven’t given it a try…do! You could take video of anything. Then just start pushing buttons in the program and you can figure it out pretty easily. :)

I do want to try something more advanced sometime….baby steps though, right?

Oh, and you’ll have to forgive the increasing amount of bug splats on the windshield. It is our actual view. ;) Any guesses as to what song we’re listening to during the ‘head banging’ segment? It’s kind of hard to record and hold the phone at the same time (ha ha). And if you’re wondering what the big tall ‘post’ thing is in there, it’s a giant thermometer in Baker, California. We always guess what the temp will be.