The Bermuda….Hexagon?

The way my past week or so has been can be somewhat like stepping into the mysteries of the Bermuda much has happened, with the confluence of it all, it surely must have been expanded to a hexagon shape. Life ending. Life beginning. Strange things happening. I tell ya, my head has been quite tired from the craziness of it all. It truly just makes you go what? It started by a fairly close extended family member fulfilling a 'bucket list' item of doing a zip line about a week ago. She hit her head at the end, but felt fine for [...]

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Finally Licensed

It's funny. We were just having the conversation the other day about who had more patience to work with our kids learning to drive. Uh. Yeah. That would be me (see hand waving in the air). I did have my fair share of jerky, fast-moving grips on the dashboard or arm rest or would fancy a nice clench of the knees, mind you. But somehow we managed through the three kids and everyone arrived safely on the other side. That's why I love this page from our Miss Laura. She captured the essence of what it truly means to get that little [...]

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Save On Said+Done Classes Today+Tomorrow

Now is a great time to pick up a couple classes and increase your Silhouette Studio skills. And there's no need for a cutter in this class as it is all about the prints! Yay! And Studio is a free designing program too! Double yay! :) Check out all the details on both classes HERE.

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Fab Font Friday | Summer

It had to be done, right? A fab font called Summer when we are just days away from the official first day of summer?     What I like: The uppercase style. It has such a casual appearance and just looks really great. The lowercase style? Eh. Not so much. I'd much rather alter size in capitals like what's shown here. The handwritten, tall and narrow of it all. Helpful Hints: Use the characters from the font to create 'decoration' like the plus signs. Since the free version only comes in a Light font, use a stroke (PS), Line Thickness [...]

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Catching Up = Flash Sale

I hate to admit this, but I have a lot of catching up to do in my travel journal. I document on my computer every day with the plan to get it into my travel journal with photos, but I haven't been too good about it. But this week? Yeah, this happened. [ Stamps | A Big Month / Nowadays / Time Again (left). Escape / Found / Annie (right) ] Not only was I happy to finally get a week done, but I was tickled pink to finally use some of the new stamps! And I just realized I didn't erase [...]

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Kanarraville Falls + Slow Shutter Cam App Photo Tip

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to go with two of my very dearest friends and their daughters to hike Kanarraville Falls (outside Cedar City, UT). My daughters sadly couldn’t make it. As part of this excursion, I told them I would share a few photo techniques. Well, nothing ever goes as planned and so I only managed to squeak out one tip...well, maybe two. Panoramas come in handy in areas like this. But the main tip is pretty darn cool. Have you ever heard of the app Slow Shutter Cam? It is a cool little piece of [...]

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Documenting Graduation

I think when people typically hear the word graduation, they automatically think of high school. It's such a monumental occasion. But I had two nephews that graduated from sixth and eighth grades, transitioning into middle and high school. And then there's preschool or kindergarten graduations. My kids did those too. Plus, I have one college graduate (just last year). It's a big moment for sure. A right of passage from one part of your life and into another. That's why I just loooove this page from our Miss Paige on her son Fox's graduation! Look at all the detail here! [ [...]

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Fun With Fuji

I cannot tell you how much I am loving my new Fuji-XT10! I'm still learning the ins and outs of it all, getting accustomed to the buttons, and all that jazz. But I am simply loving the results! I'm finding that I really need to do very little editing on the photos too. Generally speaking they just come out so beautiful that I may lighten it a little and do a little contrast, but that's about it. And really, many of them just don't need any editing...and I'm loving that! This week we've had our annual girls camp with Lisa Bearnson, [...]

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Getaway Weekend Workshop Starts Thursday Y’All!

Class starts in just two days folks! Can you even believe it! If you wanted to save a few bucks, now would be the time to do it. We're gonna increase your MAD skills by making a little, altering a little and designing a little. The perfect little project for you to do in a weekend! And don't forget all the fabulous freebies--like this awesome folder, photo cards and plus sign paper shown here. It's gonna be loads of fun! You won't want to miss it!

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Jump Into Summer Stamp Sale

Sweet little weekend sale going on to help you jump into summer! Save 20% on stamps using the code SUMMER. On sale Saturday and Sunday only. Make a splash here with your new stamps and then go take a splash in the pool. Summer is here. (Sale excludes A Big Month stamps.)

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