So, I’ll let you in on a little background of these stamps. For the past several months I’ve kept a journal on my computer so that I not only have a copy digitally, but so that I can then transfer it to my traveler’s notebook as a visual journal when I have time. My laptop is always with me and it’s easy just to write a few thoughts at any time.

I write out a few lines of what happened every day and I use a large month, written in bold lowercase letters, at the beginning of the month so that I can differentiate between months. Every time I see it, it just makes me happy. Looks a little something like this:

So, I thought it would be ever-so awesome to make giant stamps of that to use in my journal too! And that’s how the brand new A Big Month stamps came to life.


And what’s really fun to do is to mix up the text. Not only with the little stamps on the sheet, but with A Big Day and Maxwell too!


Pretty cool, right? I can see some really fun stuff happening here. :)

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Can you believe it’s June already???