The way my past week or so has been can be somewhat like stepping into the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle…only…so much has happened, with the confluence of it all, it surely must have been expanded to a hexagon shape.

Life ending.
Life beginning.
Strange things happening.

I tell ya, my head has been quite tired from the craziness of it all.
It truly just makes you go what?

It started by a fairly close extended family member fulfilling a ‘bucket list’ item of doing a zip line about a week ago. She hit her head at the end, but felt fine for a few hours until it was apparent she wasn’t fine after not being able to speak. A couple surgeries and a few days later, she sadly passed away at 59.

Within the same time frame, my stepmother’s brother passed away from a strange infection–source unknown. He just wasn’t feeling well and went to get checked out. He was only 63.

The day of the first passing, my niece (it was her niece too) had a baby.

My step family was to be here for the holiday weekend and had to delay their trip because of going to Alaska for the second passing.

On our way home from being in the mountains Sunday, the electrical things in my car started flickering. Zach’s girlfriend was with us and works for Toyota/Lexus and knew what the lights meant and what would be of major concern. That provided some comfort. But as we had began our journey home and I noticed the GPS screen flickering, I  told everyone that I had a bad feeling and to please say a little prayer that we make it home safely. Dan, who hadn’t gone with us, called when we were about a half hour away from home and said he thought it was the alternator going–not the battery. We turned off all unnecessary electrical things (ac/radio) and did the 4-60 air (4 windows down going 60 mph), which was a treat as we descended further down into the lovely 95 degrees of the city that afternoon. But by turning those things off, the lights and instrument panel lights stopped flickering. We did make it home safely…and I believe just barely.

Then Monday I woke up to find that I was out $1000 because someone had decided to spend about equal parts at two places in the south Salt Lake area courtesy of my debit card number. My card was not stolen. I had been sent a new card a few days prior because my bank knew that numbers had been compromised, but the letter stated that didn’t mean mine had been compromised at that point. It gave me a couple weeks to cancel my old one and activate the new one. I didn’t see any urgency, so I waited a couple days–especially since I didn’t have a PIN number (which I got on Saturday).

After credit disputes and police reports with three police stations (here, and the two cities it happened in), I was on my way to hopefully recovering my funds. I do believe it will all be okay, especially since the bank knew the numbers were compromised.

In an interest to see just how numbers can be stolen, we looked up a video news story. I’ve heard about some kind of mechanism going over the slot, but this actually showed them getting inside the machine and setting up shop (so to speak) where you can’t see it–and it’s all bluetoothed to them.


There’s a special place in h-e-double hockey sticks for these people that think they need our own money worse than we do.

I had this ‘possibility’ happen to me once before and my bank said the post office (the post office) had had someone stealing numbers from the kiosks. Luckily nothing happened then. This time though, they are not saying who or how they know. I pretty much only shop at Target or Walmart and the grocery stores along with getting gas. Gas stations and ATMs are the biggest targets for this kind of stuff. I also rarely (maybe once or twice a year) get any money from my ATM, but I did three weeks ago and am wondering if that’s where it was compromised… I guess we’ll see if they ever share the information. If they don’t, I will probably believe it was their outside ATM that was hacked. I may never know. But as I was in the bank taking care of my issue, someone else called in with the same problem and the person in charge had said it was a busy morning (after only a half hour of being opened), so I know there were even more.

People say ‘don’t use your debit card’, but they will steal whether you use a debit card or a credit card. The difference is it’s cash over credit. My debit card is protected under the MasterCard label, so I should be fine. It’s just a nuisance losing money over credit. And I’d be filling out reports either way. I just have a hard time using credit cards. And you never think it’ll happen to you.

The silver lining in this story is our wonderful friend and neighbor, who Dan casually mentioned to on Sunday that we needed to get a new alternator, was at our house promptly at 8:00 Monday morning to help Dan take care of it. He truly is a gem of a human being. It’s people like that outweigh the money-stealing monsters in this universe. A little needed sunshine for my day.

And, by the way, the guy at the auto parts store said while the alternator wasn’t dead, it was pretty close, so I feel quite lucky to have made it home without the car dying.

So yeah. I think we are due for some positivity and happiness for a while. It’s been a very strange few days and I’m ready for good things to be in my life. :)

And because I don’t like posting with some visual candy, here’s a place of sheer beauty. I love the Uintas. Spending time in the mountains for two days is medicine for my soul. It doesn’t get much better than being in the great outdoors.

buttefly lake uintas web 2