Otherwise known as: The Roller Date Stamp That Fits In Your Planner!

I love roller stamps. I have at least 20 of them myself. I love adding that tiny little sentiment anywhere I want. The hard thing with roller stamps is that I can’t see what’s on them without some serious looking–especially with the older I get. ;)

That’s why I thought it would be fun to create a brand new style of ‘flat date+word roller stamps’…if that makes any sense whatsoever. (haha)

Something a little bigger.
Something you can put into your planner or traveler’s notebook.
Something you can see.
Something that’s just plain fun!

Introducing Side By Side and Side By Side Extras!


I love the notion of combining words with a date you can create yourself. And with this style, if you live in other countries that have the month in the middle… you can totally do that!!!

Awesome right?

There are so many combinations to play with here! Additionally, this year and next year have been included. But have a date in the 2000’s that you need to do? Well? You have the numbers there to do anything 2001 forward by just putting….*ehem*….2+2 together. Or maybe it would be something more like 20 and 02. ;)

It’s all about versatility folks!

Here’s a little peek at the size of the stamp in action on a 4×6 photo.

side by side photo ex
As you can see, it’s a little bit bigger, but not too big so you can mix it with words. Or, you don’t have to stack them left and right, but top and bottom too. Or, use just the date or just the words.


Pick ’em up and tuck them into your planner and you’ll always have dates at your fingertips.