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It is possible to love a font for just one letter and I love me an awesome g.

Sometimes I go for an alphabet based solely on one character–or maybe a few. DK Abeille is one of those fonts. When perusing for some fonts, I changed the preview to a phrase I liked, which happened to include a ‘g’.

i gasped.

I loved this g!!! The rest of the font is fine…it’s not particularly my style. But the g is divine! It’s just fun and quirky and playful and I had to do something with it. It was begging me to!

To be honest, I really don’t know that I’d use the font for anything but a simple word with the letter g in it. In fact, when I was toying around with other words with a g in it, nothing struck me. I loved the simplicity of go.

What I like:

The g.
The g, the g, the g.
Did I say I liked the g?

Helpful hints:

If you cut this font, watch some of the lines. On this g the center was pretty tight, so I decreased the height just a smidge so that it’s a bit more comfortable when cutting.

When all is said and done, a fab font doesn’t mean it has to be the whole font. You can love it just for a letter. And that’s why I chose this font for today. :)



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