Take Me Away

August 15th, 2016|everyday life|

Paige Evens is singin’ my tune today in sooooo many ways! I think my permanent life motto is take me away. I love to travel. I love all things bright and happy. And I love creativity that I never would have thought of.

So….check this out!

Take Me Away by Paige Evans
Take Me Away Detail 5 by Paige Evans
Take Me Away Detail 1 by Paige Evans
Take Me Away Detail 4 by Paige Evans
Take Me Away Detail 2 by Paige Evans

[ Designs | Digital Stamps: Wanderlust (globe) ]

Oh the layers and paper of it all! She makes KBS designs look so amazing with her own Pink Paislee Take Me Away collection! What gorgeous combination and amazing idea!

Here’s a bit from Paige:

I’m back with my August layout for Kerri Bradford Studio! She has so many amazing digital stamps/cut files in her shop, it’s a limitless array of possibilities!

I saw the globe from the Wanderlust digital stamp set and toyed with the idea of cutting all the little parts from different patterned papers…and so I did!

HOW TO: Die cut the globe from black floral paper and adhere the globe holder piece on the left side of the colorful mini triangles paper. Die cut the squares from patterned papers and use the black floral globe as a template to adhere the pieces in place. Use a sewing machine to stitch around and through the globe. Curve the title around the globe and create two clusters – one on the top right and the other with a photo on the bottom left. Journal and add stamping to finish.

JOURNALING SAYS: Can you see the ice-cream stained shirt and dirt-skinned knees? So typical Jane. This was taken as we were walking around Pisa, Italy. I hope you remember these adventures!

I know. I know. Say it with me: amaaaaazing.

Life Well Traveled | Beauty …. And A Freebie!

August 12th, 2016|life well traveled, travelers notebook|

There is one thing that was instilled me from as early as I can remember–and that is a love for this land all that it has to offer. That there is beauty in everything you see, from dead trees to the bloom of a thistle, the drifts of snow or the colors of sunset. There is beauty everywhere. It’s something I never take for granted.

I have my grandpa–and my mother–to thank for that. And I hope that I have instilled that in my children as well. I think I have. ;)

That’s what’s been on my mind of late. One of my favorite things I remember doing as a child was going up in the mountains with my grandpa to explore. He could tell me the name of any plant and what it could be good for. Those were amazing moments.

And that’s how today’s addition to my Life Well Traveled came about.

mtn life beauty web

I printed photos using a combination of two templates from Snapshots 3 so that I could get the 4-square collage and an ‘Instax’ photo all on one 4×6 sheet.

I cut out the word beauty in cardstock, adhered it and added the stamped word everywhere from the Travelogue stamp set. It actually says let’s go everywhere, but I just inked the everywhere part and stamped that.

mtn life beauty 2 web

I made a pocket out of my photo collage and printed text on two Office Tag shapes filled with a beige color. I then stamped THEN and NOW from the Yesterday stamp set. I thought it was the perfect way to tie in the two memories. I did extend the bottom lines of the tags to make them longer so I could fit all the text I wanted.

I also typed out all the verses and chorus to For The Beauty Of The Earth and made that a background page to the right side. I know, right? How perfect is that? :)

Here is my journaling:

This could be a picture straight from my childhood. Many trips over hill and dale with my grandpa at the helm. I miss those days.

I remember summers going up to the Pomerelle area when visiting my grandparents. A picnic. Exploration. And the occasional sliding down of a snowbank on your behind. I remember spending many moments–in mountains, valleys, desserts and farms–exploring with my grandfather. He instilled in me a love for this land. Having worked in the Forest Service and for the BLM, he could tell you the name of every plant. I can’t tell you how many times he’d pull from an Indian Paint Brush bloom and let us suck on it. While I did enjoy those times as a child, I never fully appreciated the wealth of knowledge and his love for the land. Your perspective of what you have in front of you differs from child to adult. I miss his sweet words and his quiet little laugh.

He–and my mother–instilled a great love of this land. To appreciate the beauty in everything. Even a weed can be beautiful. Have you ever looked at the blossom of a thistle? Milk weeds are wonderful for bees. Dead trees have beauty. Then there are the sunsets, the fruit and vegetables harvested. Even a dirt path lined with trees is beautiful.

Feeling the need to revisit a love from my own childhood, I made it my quest to go to the Sawtooth National Forest (Pomerelle area) with my own family for the Fourth of July one year. Sheree and Alisa and their families came too. We made a picnic and took it up to the mountains. We hiked around in various places and truly enjoyed where we were. The smell alone just took me back to being a child. It smells like no other place in the mountains I’ve ever been. It’s a sweet smell. I’m sure my grandpa could have told me what made the smell for sure, but we always called them cabbage leaves. Don’t know if that is really what it was or not.

+ + + + + + +

Now it’s your turn. Here are some questions to help you get started:

  • What does beauty mean to you?
  • What do you love most about being outside?
  • What do you see that makes you appreciate where you are and what you have in front of you?
  • Did you have someone help you learn to love the beauty in all?
  • What do you want to tell your children about beauty?

+ + + + + + +


And now here are a couple of beauty-ful things just for you!


The beauty cut file/image is free for you!


And here’s a little tutorial on how you can combine two different templates to make a template to print the photos you need.


A Life Well Traveled is a journey of thoughts, perspectives, and memories in visual form based on events in your life. A play on words, it can be anything from actual travels and afterthought perspective to personal journeys and lessons learned in your life.    

Bring On The Sports!

August 10th, 2016|pages, stamps|

What with school coming back around and the olympics on, I feel like sports is all around us. And I miss the days of Friday night high school football.

So I guess until we have grandkids of our own (that’s still quite a few years away), I’ll have to live vicariously through others…like this fantastic page from Miss Laura!


[ DesignsStoryboard: Instagram Style / Life Additions Backgrounds (circle background) / Weathered Door [all] (Lady Buffs) / July Four (celebrate) / Simplicities: Best Thing Ever (tab). Stamps | For You ]

What a way to capture a season, right? Wow! Look at all those photos! I love it! I especially love how she kept everything balanced–in design and in the photo templates. I always took a heckuva lot of photos and this is an awesome way to include a bunch of them on a two page spread.


And check out that title. Laura incorporated the ‘Freakin’ Awesome’ stamp with other letters. What a cool idea!

Let’s hear what Laura has to say:

I’ve had sports on my mind lately, when it comes to layouts! One layout that I’ve been wanting to make is this one here, documenting an awesome season – a freakin’ awesome season – our high school girls varsity soccer team had. Our school mascot is the buffalo, so the varsity soccer players are referred to as the “Lady Buffs”. My youngest daughter, Sarah, was part of this team that accomplished so much this past spring. Seeing as how they took home not one, but two major championships, I knew I wanted to create a layout filled with photos taken throughout the season. 

All but three of my photos are cell phone photos, taken by either myself or my daughter. I had this thing going, where at the start of each game, I would snap a photo of the team getting ready to take the field. I would Instagram them each time as well. So I managed to collect a good amount of photos by the end of the season. I was able to get Sarah to send me some photos she took during the season as well, with a little begging and pleading. I gathered up all of these photos, and arranged them into two collages using a template from Kerri’s Storyboard: Instagram Style kit. My two main photos, both taken by the newspaper photographer, were printed as 4×6″ photos to include on either side of the collages. All in all, I’ve got 24 photos on this two page spread!

I’m sure you all know by now that I love creating white-on-white backgrounds for a lot of my pages. Since I only needed to cover about half of each page with the die cut background, I was able to use a smaller sized background from the Life Additions: Backgrounds kit. Usually, I just cut full 12×12 backgrounds, and then save the extra parts I don’t use for other projects. But it was nice to be able to use just two 8.5×11″ pieces of white cardstock for my two background pieces. 

For my title, I turned to the Weathered Door [all] kit for the “Lady Buffs” part of my title. This kit comes in so handy when you need a word that Kerri doesn’t have in kits. I went back and forth on the first part of my title, and finally settled on “celebrate”, from the July Four kit. I had every intention of using small alpha stickers for the middle part of my title, the “an amazing season”. I’m glad I stopped, just before adhering my stickers, and checked out Kerri’s stamps I have on hand, because the “freakin’ awesome” was perfect for this title! I knew I wouldn’t be able to stamp it directly to the page, with my die cut background, so I stamped it onto a scrap piece of cardstock and simply cut it out and adhered it in place. 

That page packs some serious punch!
I love it Laura!

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The Sale Continues All This Week

August 8th, 2016|everyday life|

birthday 6 2 cont


Due to all the wonkyness happening with the KBS store, we are continuing the sale all week long! Save 25% on kits+classes and 10% on stamps (excluding Christmas).

Thanks for your patience on all this. I can’t wait for the new store!

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The Party’s Almost Over

August 7th, 2016|travelers notebook|

Today is the last day of our little birthday bash and I’d like to take a moment to say just how much I appreciate each and every one of you. Some of you have been with me from the very beginning and some of you are new to KBS.

I always enjoy reading your comments–on all social media. Your support for the crazy things I do. You’ve all been a big part of my life for the past six years and I can’t even begin to tell you how much that means to me.

Sending out big sloppy kisses to all of  ya!
Here’s to

[at least + hopefully] another six years!

Now it’s my turn to do a little sharing. This year I’ve been trying to focus on documenting more. It’s hard when it’s ‘your job’ to do this kind of stuff. It’s kind of like working on computers all day only to come home and have to do it for yourself or someone else. Sometimes it just takes the ‘fun’ out of it.

But I’ve been trying to be more intentional with my life and getting life documented. It’s actually been going really well in typing little notes each day on my computer. It hasn’t been going quite as well getting them into my book. But I am making an effort. :)

Which leads me to today’s spread in my weekly journal. This particular week was jam-packed with activity because of the holiday and because we had company and I really wanted to show more photos. So I included this Minc’d insert of the America Retro Subway Art to make it pretty and so that I could add photos to the other side. I just secured it in with some gold star washi tape (like of course I had to use that).

fourth of july 1

I had taken a serendipitous photo of the fireworks, which has become one of my favorite photos. The bokeh of the photo lent itself nicely for becoming the backdrop to my July title. I used the date numbers from Time Again and circled the numbers of this particular week. And I thought I had the digital version of Time Again, but I guess I don’t. Hmm…maybe I need to add that to the store.

I also added the line SO MUCH FUN from the Line By Line stamp sets next to a star. This is from a stack of ‘not needed’ stars that I’d cut on my Silhouette. Negative space. And I tell ya what, I’ve been using them…they are the perfect size and accent!

fourth of july 2

On the flip side to the card, I added photos from the week. I also used Time Again to stamp all the days of the week.

fourth of july 3

If you noticed I skipped a couple days, but that’s because I included more journaling for two specific days behind the photos that corresponded to those days. Just mixing it up. Making it a little interactive. Having fun and all that. :) It actually allowed me to have even more photos by hiding the journaling.

fourth of july 4

I really do love it when I get pages done in my book. It’s my own little personal challenge to get it all filled up. How satisfying will that be?

Wow. Sometimes I’m just baffled it’s been six years. So much has changed in that time! Thank you all for being such an amazing part of this journey!


Please note: The store and class issues have been resolved…for good, I hope. :) I’m extending the sale until Tuesday since the store wasn’t working yesterday.

…aaaaand, the store worked and now it doesn’t again. I should never  say ‘for good’. For that, I’m extending the sale all through next week. So sorry guys. I know it’s frustrating…it’s equally frustrating for me. Can’t wait to get my new store going. Boy. I can’t wait. :)

Party Guest | Emma Wood

August 6th, 2016|pages|

The one thing I have loved most about having my own company these six years–and being in this business of scrapbooking and craftiness for waaay more than that–is that I have made friends from all over the world…right here from the comfort of my own little studio. I’ve met and admired so many talented people and today’s party guest, Emma Wood–from Australia, is one of them!

Check out this bit of gorgeousness she’s sharing here today at the KBS party!


[ Designs | Office Tag / Digital Stamps: Side By Side (All) (words on tags) ]

Emma’s use of the office tag is fantastic! Love how she combined with the digital stamps to create a completely unique look! And oh my gosh…boys do the weirdest things, don’t they? So funny! How cute is her son?

Here’s what Emma has to say:

Hi everyone!  First of let me say – HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY Kerri Bradford Studios!   Congratulations on all you have achieved (in just 6 years!) and I can’t wait to see what the next 6+ years bring us :)

For my page I stuck with a simple grid and used the Office Tag.  I loooove tags; they are easily in my top 5 most used embellishment’s on a scrapbook page.   I love that the design means I can give the details of my photo, but I don’t necessarily need to include any lengthy journaling (which on my 6×8 pages can sometimes be a challenge, there is often not enough room!).  The Side By Side stamps were a perfect fit for those tags also (such #awesome sentiments in the whole set, plus the date/days!).

I’ve printed another dozen of these and have added them into my “tag stash” because I can promise you they’ll be making more appearances in the future.  They’re such a fun and easy way to add the story details to page, either straight on top (like the above layout) or tucked behind your photo (where you could even include more details on the back of your tag).

Thank you so much for having me along to join in on the birthday celebrations! 

The page is just wonderful!

Thanks so much for coming to the party, Miss Emma!

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Party Guest | Lindsay Bateman

August 5th, 2016|stamps, travelers notebook|

When I have a party, I looooove to have party guests! And today, we have a very lovely one here at KBS!

Everyone….welcome Lindsay Bateman!

This is Lindsay’s first time in the KBS neck of the woods, but not her first time using KBS goodies! I have long admired Lindsay’s sense of design, especially when it comes to using the Travelers Templates. She makes it all look so fun! And today’s spread is no exception…looooove how she combined it with KBS stamps!

Take a look….

lbateman_traveljournal (1 of 5) web
lbateman_traveljournal (2 of 5) web
lbateman_traveljournal (3 of 5) web

[ Designs | Digital Stamps: A Big Day / Travelers Templates.  Stamps | One Fine Day, Oh Yeah and A Big Day. ]

Okay, that big chunky shiny pretty FRI??? Hello? Man, she’s speakin’ my language there! And I simply adore all the little stamp touches within the template structure.


Let’s here what Lindsay has to say about it.

Hello everyone!

It’s Lindsay Bateman here and I am SO excited to be sharing a little piece of my heart and passion with you all in celebration of Kerri Bradford Studio’s birthday!  SO fun!

Because birthday celebrations just make me happy, I was inspired to create a super fun and colourful layout in my Traveler’s Notebook using some of my KBS favourites.  I love how versatile the products that I chose are, and how incredible they worked together to create exactly what I had envisioned for my notebook.

To begin, I used one of the photo templates from the Traveler’s Templates collection to create my hybrid grid layout.  I first used the template in photoshop where I added my photos in.  However, I did not add photos in all the spaces.  You will note the blank grid “white space”.  I chose to do this on purpose so that I could go in and add in some of my favourite KBS stamps manually.  To  create these white spaces, all I simply did was delete the layer in photoshop.  Once they were deleted, I printed out my layout and then went in and added the stamping, pattern paper and additional embellishments.  

I used the following KBS stamp sets, “Oh Yeah” and “One Fine Day” to pull my spread together.  I am in love with these stamp sets SO much!  I find they are perfect for traveller’s notebooks.  I love the sentiments and variety of fonts.  The size of the stamps are perfect too.  They worked perfectly to help me create my pages.

On the right hand side of my layout I had fun using the digital stamp set, “A Big Day”.  Again, what I did was in photoshop I added in the digital brush “FRI” and then adjusted it to the size I was wanting.  I then printed it out on my laser printer (and once printed) ran it through my MINC machine with the Rose Gold Ombre Foil.  I adhered the page into my traveler’s notebook and finished off with some washi tape, stamping and a sticker.  I LOVE the bold font and how I was able to customize it further with my MINC.  So much fun to play.

Happiest Birthday to Kerri Bradford Studios!


Wow Lindsay! You pack a punch in such a small space. And you do it with ease. I love it! Thanks so much for coming to the party. You come back soon now, ya here? :)

p.s. I will neither confirm nor deny (nor throw Lindsay under the bus) that she made me get my mint Webster’s Pages Travelers Journal….which I looooove.

Let’s Get This Party Started!

August 4th, 2016|everyday life|

birthday 6 sq 2 web

Six years ago today I had a new baby…of the digital kind. I decided to take the plunge into the wonderful world of self-employment, creativity and endless possibilities and Kerri Bradford Studio was born

Today we celebrate!

And it’s doubly celebratory for me because….helllooooo….the store is back to working and you can access your classes! That all came to fruition about midnight last night. I thought I was going to have to do a ‘belated’ birthday party. (Sidenote: Kudos to my new web guy. He needs a cape because he’s my hero.)

But hooray! It’s ‘my’ birthday and I can have a sale and you can actually take advantage of it! ;)

Save 25% on all kits+classes and 10% on stamps (excluding Christmas + Side By Sides).

So stay tuned for these next couple days. We have a couple of party guests that will show you some beautiful things to knock your socks off–which is a good place to be in the summertime.

Now….where’s my cake?

Oh, and on another note, this happened yesterday.
It was actually her birthday yesterday. Best present ever, right?

zach shyanne engage web
zach shyanne banner board web

Life Well Traveled | God Bless America

August 3rd, 2016|life well traveled, travelers notebook|

Today’s Life Well Traveled is more a current events thought.

I think with all the unrest in this beautiful country, I’ve had Washington DC on the brain. It was one of my very favorite trips we’ve ever taken. My most favorite moment was sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial at night and talking all about history and Martin Luther King, Jr., and so much more.

It’s a moment that I will always remember.

Seeing monuments to those that have sacrificed in war or defending the country–both in and out. Police officers, fire fighters, all those that help keep our little world safer and protect us. Those that serve selflessly so that we can protect our freedom.

Without going into too much detail for fear of any kind of slamming, I am saddened at the direction many in this country have gone–whether it’s political beliefs or violence–there’s just been too much negativity and hatred. Where has the human decency gone?

I’m hoping that all the positive people in this country will help raise the love level and the desire to uplift and help one another and just be kind.

So I wanted to take a few moments and write these simple thoughts in my traveler’s notebook.

The words came loud and clear to me the other night, God Bless America. It is a prayer much needed right now. And I know that there are many of you in other countries who are dealing with turmoil in your countries too and could use positivity and a prayer.

Here are my pictures and words:

mtn life god bless america web 2

mtn life god bless america close web

[ Designs | Digital Stamps: One Fine Day (I Love Everything About This) ]

I considered stamping on the photo with white ink, but since I had to print the photo from Photoshop anyway, I figured I might as well use the digital stamp.

I thought about so many ideas on decorating this page, but when all was said done…it was a simple moment, therefore, I just wanted a simple page. I loved the idea of keeping it monochromatic with the black, white and silver.

I printed my journaling on a piece of paper, added the photo, Minc’d the title, and added a star I had in my stash. Topped it off with a star sequin to tie it all together.

I may write more on this subject and tuck it behind a photo, but at the time,   I didn’t want to get too expressive when I made it.

This is my journaling:

God Bless America

No three words have had more of an impact on me than these with all the mayhem going on right now with mass police shootings and political craziness (Trump v Hillary?). I like to think of it more as a prayer because we really do need it. I love this country and all that we stand for. But I am afraid where this country is headed.

This DC trip had one of my all-time favorite family moments ever. Sitting on the Lincoln Memorial steps at night, looking across the water to the Washington Monument, talking about our nation and its history as well as the wonderful Martin Luther King, Jr. and his iconic speech he gave just a few feet from where we were. This country has been through many turbulent times, but it also has so many great shining moments. I love this country. OCT.2014

+ + + + + + + +

Your Perspective On Your Country

Now it’s your turn. Here are some thoughts to get you started on this subject.

  • What do you or don’t you love about your country?
  • What is going on right now?
  • How do you feel about it?
  • How do you feel about the presidential election?