Today’s Life Well Traveled is more a current events thought.

I think with all the unrest in this beautiful country, I’ve had Washington DC on the brain. It was one of my very favorite trips we’ve ever taken. My most favorite moment was sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial at night and talking all about history and Martin Luther King, Jr., and so much more.

It’s a moment that I will always remember.

Seeing monuments to those that have sacrificed in war or defending the country–both in and out. Police officers, fire fighters, all those that help keep our little world safer and protect us. Those that serve selflessly so that we can protect our freedom.

Without going into too much detail for fear of any kind of slamming, I am saddened at the direction many in this country have gone–whether it’s political beliefs or violence–there’s just been too much negativity and hatred. Where has the human decency gone?

I’m hoping that all the positive people in this country will help raise the love level and the desire to uplift and help one another and just be kind.

So I wanted to take a few moments and write these simple thoughts in my traveler’s notebook.

The words came loud and clear to me the other night, God Bless America. It is a prayer much needed right now. And I know that there are many of you in other countries who are dealing with turmoil in your countries too and could use positivity and a prayer.

Here are my pictures and words:

mtn life god bless america web 2

mtn life god bless america close web

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I considered stamping on the photo with white ink, but since I had to print the photo from Photoshop anyway, I figured I might as well use the digital stamp.

I thought about so many ideas on decorating this page, but when all was said done…it was a simple moment, therefore, I just wanted a simple page. I loved the idea of keeping it monochromatic with the black, white and silver.

I printed my journaling on a piece of paper, added the photo, Minc’d the title, and added a star I had in my stash. Topped it off with a star sequin to tie it all together.

I may write more on this subject and tuck it behind a photo, but at the time,   I didn’t want to get too expressive when I made it.

This is my journaling:

God Bless America

No three words have had more of an impact on me than these with all the mayhem going on right now with mass police shootings and political craziness (Trump v Hillary?). I like to think of it more as a prayer because we really do need it. I love this country and all that we stand for. But I am afraid where this country is headed.

This DC trip had one of my all-time favorite family moments ever. Sitting on the Lincoln Memorial steps at night, looking across the water to the Washington Monument, talking about our nation and its history as well as the wonderful Martin Luther King, Jr. and his iconic speech he gave just a few feet from where we were. This country has been through many turbulent times, but it also has so many great shining moments. I love this country. OCT.2014

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Your Perspective On Your Country

Now it’s your turn. Here are some thoughts to get you started on this subject.

  • What do you or don’t you love about your country?
  • What is going on right now?
  • How do you feel about it?
  • How do you feel about the presidential election?