Another decade of my life has passed.

I’m moving on to the 50s.

Today is, in fact, my birthday.

The big 5-0.

I thought that I might feel or write something big and profound, but ya know, I think I might be in denial that I finally reached 50. It always seemed so way off in the distance all my life…until about a month ago. And then reality set in.

And, as my daughter told me yesterday, you’ve lived half a century! Thanks for that Jordan. It’s just what I needed…not.

I mean, with the 50s comes more freedom, I suppose. Kids are grown. I can leave for two weeks if I want to (like last year’s cross-country trip). I don’t feel any different than when I was 30, to be honest. A few more aches and pains and vision issues. But that all happened in the 40s too, so really, what’s the difference?

And, I always told my kids I could never be a grandma before 50. I do (finally) have a child getting married in a couple months, so the children listened and have accommodated my grandma timeline. Thank you.

So to celebrate a bit of this rather monumental day, I’m doing something that will only ever happen once in my lifetime.

fifty-fifty sale.



Because I am fifty, you get to save fifty percent on orders over $10 for one day only.

(No code needed. Cannot be applied to previous purchases.)

This birthday shindig ends at the strike of midnight on the first day of my fifties. 

Better spread the word, because this monumental day will never happen again. :)
(But when I turn 60 will I have to do 60% off? ;) )

Now where’s my cake?