Daily Writing: It’s The Cool Thing To Do

Part of the end of the year rituals involve planning and documenting. Whether you're planning your Christmas, preparing to document for a new year, or maybe you're just documenting the month, having a fun place to write your thoughts and plans is the cool thing to do. And nobody is cooler at that then our newest creative team member, Miss Marcy Penner! Take a look at the cover she created for her traveler's notebook! Okay....like...for reals? This presentation of date stamps for a cover is awesome! Let's see what Marcy has to say about it. Basically I’ve decided to move into [...]

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Creative Holiday Giving

If there's one thing for sure, bags and cards are a much needed item around the holidays. And strangely, even though we're sharing our December projects from a couple months ago right now, this would actually be the perfect time to make some and really be ahead of the game! And today, we have the lovely Laura sharing to tell us all about her amazing holiday creations! While photo cards have become a favorite of mine when sending out Christmas cards to family and friends, I always like to have a few handmade cards on hand to add a more [...]

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Document December

Documenting your December has become a rather big thing, thanks to the likes of Ali Edwards and her December Daily concept. It's a fun tradition capturing all the magic--or the ordinary--before the holidays. What a treasure, right? Our newest creative team member, Miss Marcy, is here to show us how to document in delightful fashion. Keeping it simple. Getting it done. ahhhh......     [ Stamps | Ashland (alpha) / Better Not Pout (let it snow) / Yesterday (documented) ] Here's what Marcy has to say: Sometimes I just write stuff down.  I’m totally okay with that.  But sometimes I [...]

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All Those Photos!

If there's one thing there seems to a lot of (besides sweets) at Christmas time, it's photos. Pictures of family, pictures of the gifts, pictures of family opening gifts, eating...all sorts of photo ops. That's a whole heckuva lot of real estate in an album....unless you do it Laura's way! Laura has a gift for getting many photos into a couple pages using KBS photo templates. This girl rocks the photo templates! Take a look. [ Designs |  Out Of This World (stars) / Yuletide Greetings (hello christmas) / Photo Strips #1 / Storyboard #7 ] I'm sorry...it has to [...]

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December Daily, Maggie Style

We're here today with another blast from Christmas past with the ever-so lovely Miss Maggie! This cute thing decked the halls of her Heidi Swapp album with some KBS goodness in preparation for documenting all things Christmas.   Here's what Maggie has to say: My first step was to decorate the cover of my album...I chose one of my "NOEL" cuts and a little poinsettia embellishment. I decided to trace inside the letters with a journaling pen - just to give the design a little more depth - and I love the way it turned out. Is it a bit [...]

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Got Christmas?

In November, when all signs pointed to being 'home for the holidays', I had my creative team whirl their Christmas magic on some wonderful projects. As the days passed by and it appeared my Christmas wish wasn't coming true, I shared their beautiful creations on social media. Now that we're back and live, these lovelies need to be in their permanent home--where they should be--with all their little details. So let's start with Miss Paige, shall we? Cutting--and stitching--this digital stamp tree just totally knocked my Christmas stockings off! [ Design | Oh What Fun (tree) ]   Do you still have socks [...]

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Please Welcome……Miss Marcy Penner!

oh. my. goodness. oh. my. goodness! I've waited for this day for quite some time now! I have waited and waited (very impatiently, mind you)  to be back up and live to announce this and do it right....because she sooo deserves to have it done right! The ever-so lovely and my simple-journaling sistah, Miss Marcy Penner, has joined the KBS Creative Team!!! Ack! I'm so excited! Take a look and you'll see just why this gives me such joy. [ Stamps | XO ] First off, puppy....sooooooo cute! But the traveler's notebook spread? divine. There is such great art in simplicity...and [...]

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Oh me, oh my!

Wow! It has been a crazy few days here at the all-new KBS! I just want again say thank you for your patience as we work out the kinks and transition ourselves into our new home! If you want real-time updates, please check out our Facebook page. We started sending codes out to those classes affected by the import glitch (see Friday's post below). The rest should go out today. They need to be staggered a bit because it causes an unusual high amount of traffic on the site, as you can imagine. :) Makes it run a bit slower [...]

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Happy Love Day + More

Now that I have a blog again, I can wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day here! Yay! And it couldn't come at better as I wanted to express my love to you all. To say that I am overwhelmed by the love and support--and patience ;) -- over these past few days is a bit of an understatement. truly. deeply touched. I have appreciated all the wonderful comments and emails of encouragement and happiness that you have shared with me. You make this part of my life a joy to do--even when insanity is about. :) Go give your loved ones a hug [...]

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Is This Thing On?

oh. my. gosh.   I am so excited to be live again! I don’t even know where to begin! Let’s talk fun stuff first and then we’ll talk about the crazy stuff. ;) The Fun Stuff A New Look Shortly after I got my new site up four years ago, I decided I wanted a more clean and simple look. Short version, I could only change my blog and couldn’t ever get anyone to change the store and message board to match. But that’s a story for another day. Now, I LOVE that I have full control over aesthetics because [...]

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