Daily Writing: It’s The Cool Thing To Do

Part of the end of the year rituals involve planning and documenting. Whether you’re planning your Christmas, preparing to document for a new year, or maybe you’re just documenting the month, having a fun place to write your thoughts and plans is the cool thing to do.

And nobody is cooler at that then our newest creative team member, Miss Marcy Penner! Take a look at the cover she created for her traveler’s notebook!

Okay….like…for reals? This presentation of date stamps for a cover is awesome!

Let’s see what Marcy has to say about it.

Basically I’ve decided to move into my Travelers Notebook for my planning.  I’m tired of carrying around all these books and making things more complicated than they need to be. I’ve converted my daily planner into notebook form and still wanted to have a fun cover.  But a simple fun cover.  Simple and neutral is my jam so I decided to decorate my November notebook with the A Big Day stamps and Versafine.  I love love love using Versafine on kraft paper.  It’s so nice and subtle.

I just stamped the days of the week a slight scattered pattern and voila!


And I’m so with you girl!
No reason to make things more complicated than they need to be.
Who’s got time for that? ;)

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