A New Line: Travelers Notebook Themed Kits

As part of this fresh, new KBS direction– live. write. repeat.–I personally want to focus more on documenting simply and share those ideas with you. And part of that is creating components as part of a system to help you–and me–to do that.

A couple months ago you may have seen the ‘Instagram-minute’ video I shared on what I’m doing with my traveler’s notebook (and a little peek at this new kit). I’m actually going to do something a little more in-depth here soon, but one of the fun techniques I’m doing is binding my book with  a Midori rubber band rather than the staples.. It will allow me to change covers, add typewriting to a page, add a vellum or pocket page, all sorts of things. In other words…I will have flexibility.

Additionally, I love having bits and pieces of themed or coordinating items at my finger tips. I’m always reaching for the pre-printed and pre-cut ‘Little Word’ strips or a stamp or some washi. Simple, everyday items that make the process quick and effortless.

One more thing, you may have heard I’m a huge yellow rose fan. I don’t know why they strike my fancy so, but they do. I think it’s a childhood thing. I always loved the beautiful color of yellow on the miniature rose, but large bush on the farm. I’ve been waiting for someone to come out with that perfect paper and then I was like Duh. I can make it myself! (Sometimes I just have to be knocked in the head.)

So you take all that and wrap it up into a little neat bow and you get a brand new series of traveler’s notebook kits called A Traveler’s Pack, with this first theme being Splendid. It’s all the essentials you’ll need to document your journeys.

The kit comes with seven cover papers sized the same as Midori cover, which is 8.75 “x 8.25”. Of course you can size as needed. You can also use them as paper in the book as well as what they were intended for…covers.

This kit also has two sheets of a variety of printables. All easily trimmed by hand or paper trimmer. The numbers are .75″ so you can use it with that size circle punch. These files come in JPG and PDF files.

The theme is perfect for this time of year. Very home and outdoors related.


I took maybe ten minutes to trim out most of the items here. However, I did leave some items uncut. The reason being, I prefer to have something like a card of letters rather than all those itty bitty pieces. It doesn’t take much time to hand cut the pieces a little more when needed.

And if you look closely here, you can see the black rubber band I have that goes around the entire book for the binding.



I cut out a bag out of glassine paper using the all-new Paper Bag: Flat design that’s available in the store. There are two versions, a regular one like you see here and one that’s a little longer, that would house the decorative strips a little better.

The glassine I purchased HERE. Super cheap and fun to use!

The reason I like the glassine bag is that you can see immediately what’s in there. You can keep the themed kits in their own bag and use them as needed. Of course, if you fancy a different organizational system, that’s groovy too. You do what makes sense for you.

You can tuck this into a pocket or into the back of your album that you’re working on. Always available to you.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this new series of kits! I love the idea of changing covers throughout the year to match the season–if I want to, that is. I also love the idea selecting a few of those covers to work together for different subjects in my main book.

Lots of ideas and possibilities!


For printing, I use an Epson Photo Stylus 1400 printer with Epson Premium Presentation Matte Paper. 


And to top it all off, you can save 40% on this brand new kit during our Spring Fling sale! You can find all the spring items HERE and use the code SPRING at checkout.

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  1. Yvonne March 10, 2017 at 10:40 am

    Well, being in Texas, that yellow rose is just perfect for me! :) Great idea, Kerri! As always you are so creative!

  2. Lynda March 10, 2017 at 10:58 am

    Such a gorgeous kit! But do you need photoshop or anything special to be able to use them? I’ve never used any type of digital kit. I am digitally challenged! LOL
    I’m also wondering when or if you will be restocking physical stamp sets, so many are out of stock!

    • Kerri March 10, 2017 at 11:26 am

      You only need to be able to print a JPG or a PDF…no special program to do either one. As for stamps, we’ll be slowly restocking. It’s just taking a little time after the site was down for quite a while–and longer than expected. :)

  3. Susan March 10, 2017 at 1:27 pm

    Hi – this is SOOOOOOOO gorgeous! What is the book made of? White paper sewn together?

    • Kerri March 10, 2017 at 1:33 pm

      Thanks Susan! Are you talking about the book that’s part of the floral insert? It’s Midori #003 book and I’ve removed the stapled cover. I’m using a rubberband to hold it together. If you’re talking about the album behind it all, it’s a Webster’s Pages TN book.

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