So a funny thing happened after my Sunday afternoon nap. I wasn’t really even thinking of my Kauai album when the thought of this giant pineapple popped in my head.


And so yeah…this is what happens when a large pineapple pops in your head! As always, my objective in my traveler’s notebooks is to keep things simple so I can get them done. And this one came together in about thirty minutes. Sometimes I have a tendency to over-think and mull things over. With this….I just let it ride.

Here’s how:

  1. Cut pineapple by tracing the PNG image from the Beach Vibes Digital Stamps in Silhouette Studio.
  2. Trimmed already printed accents (flowers+yellow word strip) from Traveler’s Pack: Paradise and stapled to left edge of pineapple–not the paper. Adhered to page.
  3. Opened palm tree photo (amazing patio view, yes?) and Beautiful View PNG file from the Go Digital Stamps. This is a left-aligned set of words that I removed the periods and aligned the text at the right by moving each line over. It didn’t look as good being left aligned over the building. Printed and adhered.
  4. Stamped the lines and numbers from the Nowadays stamp set and wrote five key points about being there.

Done, baby. Done!

Here’s a little closer look.


Now what are you going to do with your big pineapple? ;)


Here’s a little tip. Because I remove the staples from my albums and use a Midori rubberband around the center, I can remove the page I want to stamp–or write–on so I have a flatter/harder surface underneath.