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Goodness gracious ladies and gentlemen! It’s been quite a while since we’ve had a Fab Font Friday! I’m so excited to have it back ’round these parts now and again. Yay!

Today’s font is a really great brush script style. Take a look.



You can download the Hello Stockholm font–free for personal use–from HERE. Ordinarily I refrain from downloading fonts that require an email…because, why do they need it? But I really liked this font. It spoke to me and I kept coming back to it…and so I succumbed. I’m a little weird in that I decided to create a new Gmail account just for this purpose though. It’s not one I plan to ever use with the exception of finding myself in this situation again. I have a ‘junk’ email that I use for businesses (Amazon, Zulily, etc.), so I didn’t want to give that one out. I get a little paranoid cautious  when it comes to giving out my email. :)

Aaaanywaaaaaay….let’s get into the fun of it all.

What I like:

  • The look is amazing.
  • There is both a Regular and an Alternate version. This allows you to pick additional styles of letters without needing a program to access some of those additional glyphs. This is sweet for programs like Silhouette Studio.

Helpful Hints:

  • I did indicate that you can use it for ‘commercial’ use above, however, you do need to buy the font to do so. The link to purchase it for commercial use for a small fee can be found where you download it.
  • I also indicated that it is cutter friendly. It is to a point. Letters like the ‘e’ and the ‘l’ have a very small open space. If you widen that open space first (convert path/release the compound path), then it will make it more cutter friendly.


Additionally, I want you to take a look at the original text and then a modified version.

It’s not an issue if you’re doing a line of text, but when you stack it, like I’ve done for the image, you can do more to it to make it look even better.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Change the Line Spacing to bring them closer together (the original has the Line Spacing altered in this example).
  2. It’s best to convert the text to a path and ungroup it all so you can move things around at this point.
  3. Move words a little closer together. I wish there was Word Spacing in Studio.
  4. Move the ‘B’ up a little so it’s not so close to the letters below it.
  5. Decrease the size of  both sets of double ‘l’s and even move first set down a little.
  6. Use the Alternate version to type an ‘a’ for the bottom all and the ‘t’ in out to give it a little different look.
  7. Increase capital ‘L’ size a little and move it down.
  8. Move Love It line to the left a little so that the top of the ‘L’ doesn’t clash with the text above..
  9. Move all out to the right a little.
  10. Move Breathe to the right a little.

And that about sums it all up. Taking a little time to tweak the words and letters makes it look so much better!



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