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Our week of inspiration for (i)NSD continues with something very entertaining from Miss Laura!








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Oh. My. Heck! I loooooove the tv paper she made using a design from The History Project Class Extras!  (Only available to purchase for limited times throughout the year.)

And I love the idea of documenting shows! What a slice of life! My current television primetime lineup consists of only Survivor and Amazing Race…and Harry Potter weekends (like I don’t own them all already). The rest is generally Netflix, Amazon or Hulu before going to bed. I just don’t watch much tv anymore. Is it because I’m getting older? ;)


Let’s hear what Laura has to say about her favorites and this project.

I was brainstorming what to create for my iNSD project, knowing that I wanted to use Kerri’s A Big Day stamp set. At some point, I was reminded of what I had created for iNSD two years ago – a 6×8″ pocket page spread documenting my favorite TV shows. The days of the week stamps gave me the idea to create an updated look at my favorite shows. This time, I decided to try out the travelers notebooks that are all the rage lately, and that I had yet to try. The smaller size appeals to me, as I haven’t been creating as many layouts these days, and these little notebooks seem to be a good fit for my “less is more” approach when it comes to keeping my projects simple – putting the focus more on the photos and/or stories, and making it less about the embellishments and “stuff”. 

Since I had the days of the week stamps that I wanted to use, I decided to break down my favorite shows by what I watch each day. I love a good photo collage, so I created a photo collage to go along with each day’s spread, using templates from both the Travelers Templates and Travelers Templates #2 kits. I found all of my images on Google photos, downloading several for each show, knowing that some images might be too small to use. Once I knew how many shows I had for each day, I settled on which template I would use, and added the photos in. I printed out my collages and adhered them to the right side of each day’s spread. 

I then picked a patterned paper to coordinate with each day’s photo collage, and adhered them on the left side of each day’s spread. I used Kerri’s A Big Day and Brooklyn stamps, along with 3×4″ Project Life ruled cards, to label each day’s page. I originally thought I would need to add more to each of these pages, even wondering what I would do about journaling. I quickly realized that keeping it simple, and fairly flat, in these notebooks was the way to go. 

Once I had all of my days completed, I knew I wanted to do some sort of “title page”. My thought is that this travelers notebook would be dedicated to documenting my favorite shows, and something I can add to each year. After all, it was fun to look back at my list from two years ago, seeing how many shows I’m still keeping up with, and how many aren’t even around anymore. I added some patterned paper to my title page, along with a 5×7″ Project Life ruled card that I stamped the year on using Kerri’s stamps. After wracking my brain to see if I had any patterned paper with televisions on it, I remembered a cut file Kerri created as a part of the History Project class. I opened the TV png file in Photoshop, and used it to create my own patterned paper. I also printed out the weekdays cover from the Travelers Pack: Splendid kit, and cut it down to add to the very first page in my notebook. 

And yes, I fully admit I have a slight TV addiction ;) I love my shows, and I somehow manage to keep up with them, even though I only watch TV in the evenings. You might notice I didn’t have anything for Saturday … that’s my catch up day, when I try and knock out everything I didn’t get to during the week! 


Those photo templates were perfect to put in all the tv show images. Wonderful idea Laura! And I love Laura’s focus on keeping the project more simplified…a little less fluff and all. It turned out amazing!


If you’re needing to add to your creative arsenal, don’t forget about the sale going on until (inter)National Scrapbook Day.


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  1. Yvonne May 3, 2017 at 10:01 am

    I love it! I’ve been trying to figure out how to do the same as well as my book list and this is great!

  2. Michelle Bradtke May 3, 2017 at 6:50 pm

    Laura: I hope you are still planning to show 12×12 layouts. Yours are fantastic!

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