And the winner is….

but first…photo.


I just hate posting without a photo. And since Sunday kind of got away from me for announcing a winner, I thought I’d share a little of what distracted me during the day. So this was actually morning, but Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day!

It started off by looking out my window to see the gorgeous morning light and shadows on the neighbor’s snowball bush–that happens to hang over onto our side of the fence. ;) Add a little class prep for church, church, making BBQ chicken sandwiches (these turned out really good) and cabbage (ramen) salad, eating key lime ice cream and/or raspberry swirl chocolate chip ice cream for dessert, a walk with the dog, and then sitting on the porch enjoying the evening with the kids, the dog, and a popsicle. (And yes, if you’re counting, that would be two sweets within an hour or two. haha)

Yup. Perfect day.


So now…for the winners!

That would be Jessica Ozborn and her friend Jennifer Corrington! Congratulations! Email us at and we’ll get you all hooked up!

And there’s still a chance to win on Facebook. I find Facebook’s choice of filtering rather annoying–especially when it comes to a business page. I’ll announce a winner tomorrow over there.

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