I think we’re back folks! We have switched hosting sites and I can see that several of you have ordered the freebies already! Wow!

And the coolest thing…the site appears to be running faster. Yay! Speed is always a concern for me and over the past year my now former hosting site kept blaming it on this or that or telling me I needed to upgrade my services. No one would ever listen to me when I would say ‘it didn’t use to be that way and nothing has changed on my end.’

This is sure-fire proof that it was them and not me. Oy. We have a saying in the Bradford house–and it’s so much better if you could hear it in the voice we use, along with the hand gesture, but we say ‘Listen to my words.’ They never listened to my words. ;)

We are monitoring the site to make sure everything is running normally and smoothly with the switchover.

Those that may have ordered the freebie earlier in the day yesterday (Monday), may not have their order showing in their account due to the timing of everything that happened yesterday. We are aware of this and will be correcting that. You can always reorder it again as long as it’s still free too. ;)

I’ll be leaving the Popsicles up for free through tomorrow (Wednesday) after having all this happen. So, you still have an opportunity to pick that up.

And now, because you know I don’t like to post without a photo … :)

I came across this photo from a trip to Sun Valley, Idaho from about four years ago. I’ve lived in Idaho and been to many areas, but up until that point, I had yet to see the Sawtooth Mountains. So impressive! I loved the drive over the mountains and into the Stanley area. Picture perfect. Would like to go back soon and explore that area some more! Surely there’s a waterfall to hike to in there, right? Anyone know the area? Is there an easy-to-moderate 2-mile-ish hike? :)