It’s A Birthday Celebration + Sale!

  Seven years ago this week I was preparing to start a whole new endeavor. One door had closed for me and another one opened. An adventure that I had no idea how it would turn out, how it would evolve, and how it would change my life. This Friday will mark seven years of my business.  I can't even believe seven years has gone by! I think about those first days, selling designs in the most simplest of ways--using a PayPal button in a blog post as well as a make-shift store page and emailing people their designs. Ya. [...]

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April Showers

It's been a long time since we've had rain 'round these parts. But today and yesterday have been rainy and cool. We're talkin' upper 70s and low 80s for the high. Yay! The respite won't last long, however, as we get back up to our average mid to upper 90s in the next couple days. But I tell ya, it's been glorious and I'm enjoying the heck out of it for as long as it lasts. And it couldn't have been better timing for showing of this darling April Showers page by Paige! Here she is to tell ya all [...]

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Photography | The Art of Compression

I love photography. I love learning about photography. I'm definitely not what people would consider a professional, but I do know a little. I know more than some and also know less than the 'professionals.' But I'm always learning. So when an a-ha moment comes my way, I get a little giddy. It's these little nuggets that I like to share with you. Today we're talking about Compression. And when I say 'talking' about it, I mean in the most basic and simplest of terms because first, that's the best way to remember and second, that's really all I know about [...]

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Weekly Summer Freebie | Flamingo

  Nothing says 'let's get tropical and hang out on the beach'  like a pink flamingo, eh? So of course we need that in our little Weekly Summer Freebie mix! I used the Office Tag KBS design in my Silhouette software to print a tag outline with the 'flamingo' word. I tried cutting the word, but even with the magical powers of Silhouette, it still didn't like cutting it  at 5/8" high...not even with my American Crafts cardstock. Bummer. But printing it still works. I cut the flamingo design at 3" tall and that worked great! Use the flamingo as [...]

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Fab Font Friday | Bestlovers

I have been in a total retro mood of late. Thinkin' lots about the 70s. Heading to the Oregon Coast as kid. The clothes. The music. The style. The simplicity of it all. As a result, my font mood made me...made me...go in search of a retro 70s style font. And that's how we've come to welcome Bestlovers here today.     This is a scaled-down version of a commercial font that can be purchased using the link on As a result, it's missing punctuation and numbers. Many times font artists will do this so you'll fall in love [...]

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Signs of Halloween

Alright, now before you start thinkin' I'm all jumpin' the gun for fall, just hold on a minute. like...whoa.  I actually had this mostly done last fall, but with all the [insert expletive here] that went on last year here in the land of KBS, I never got it finished much less added to a store that didn't exist. So.... Since I needed to finally get a pillow case made for a friend's birthday--who happens to be a Halloween nut, I decided to get it all wrapped up and in its final place. I present to you, Signs of Halloween. [...]

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Weekly Summer Freebie | Olive Branch

This week I felt like being leafy. And any time Kass and I use the word leafy, we have to say it in our Phoebe Buffay voice when they are playing a game to win the apartment back. She asks each team what their favorite thing about trees is, and one answers they're green and one answers they're tall. "Both are good answers," she says, "but we were looking for leafy, leeeaafy," one of the best episodes. Anywaaaaay... :) So my mind immediately went to an olive branch. I love the thin and delicate look of an olive branch. And it doesn't mean you need [...]

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Stamps Add The Perfect Touch

My favorite embellishment on a page are words. It's true. Shocker, I know. ;) They are an graphic extension of your photos or journaling. And that's why I love creating the stamps that I do. Tiny little graphical nuggets that you can add to your page and give it that character. It's an easy way to mix your handwriting with a little visual goodness. And that's pretty awesome in my book...and like my literal book...and in Marcy's book--or planner. Check it out.     [ Stamps: Fresh Air (good vibes only) / Oh Yeah (yes-no) / Travelogue (ate this) ]   I [...]

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Documenting Senior Photos

Believe it or not, it's that time again. I'm starting to see back-to-school commercials and I know our schools start about five weeks from now. Some in the nation do year-round school and will start back up in a couple weeks. It seems like you just start getting into summer when you have to start thinking about the next school year. That's so not fair. :) And senior photos--or any start-of-school photos--is on that 'to-do' list. It's so fun to see their progression. And so fun to get to document all those cute photos, like Laura did here of her [...]

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Weekly Summer Freebie | The Open Road

  I have many memories of traveling 'the open road' in my childhood. Having been born in Oregon, we took trips to the beach--Lincoln City, in particular--or traveled across the state to visit cousins in La Grande and then on into Idaho to visit grandparents on the farm. Sometimes we'd all caravan together. Such fun times. I don't know how they put up with us girl cousins singing songs all the way. I know we didn't sing softly. ;) I also have fond memories of my mom telling us to count the waterfalls and not so fond memories of orange [...]

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