Stamps Add The Perfect Touch

My favorite embellishment on a page are words. It’s true. Shocker, I know. ;)

They are an graphic extension of your photos or journaling. And that’s why I love creating the stamps that I do. Tiny little graphical nuggets that you can add to your page and give it that character. It’s an easy way to mix your handwriting with a little visual goodness.

And that’s pretty awesome in my book…and like my literal book…and in Marcy’s book–or planner.

Check it out.



[ Stamps: Fresh Air (good vibes only) / Oh Yeah (yes-no) / Travelogue (ate this) ]


I am in love with her sweet+simple handwriting mixed with clean visual words. Would it be cool if she’d just handwritten the sentiments? Of course. But by using stamps (any word stamps), it adds just that bit of almost a printed look. And I love it!

Here’s what Marcy has to say:

Most of the time I’m not looking to make this magnificent masterpiece.  I just want to add something a little special… a little something to make me smile.  That was exactly the case with this spread in my planner.  At the end of the day I stamped a fun sentiment in the corner and sprinkled a couple of other stamps throughout.  Simple. Happy.


Just a touch of character.


Makes me smile too. :)

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