This week I felt like being leafy. And any time Kass and I use the word leafy, we have to say it in our Phoebe Buffay voice when they are playing a game to win the apartment back. She asks each team what their favorite thing about trees is, and one answers they’re green and one answers they’re tall. “Both are good answers,” she says, “but we were looking for leafy, leeeaafy,”

one of the best episodes.

Anywaaaaay… :)

So my mind immediately went to an olive branch. I love the thin and delicate look of an olive branch. And it doesn’t mean you need to use it with olives. ;) But this week’s freebie actually has two versions, one with olives (or you could change it to some other fruit) and one without…and a little bigger. It could almost be a little fern like.

It’s just lacy and I love it. I even actually used it in my weekly TN too!



Now don’t fall of your chairs or anything, but did you see I actually used some patterned paper? I know, shocker!

I also used the Scenic Little Words (Earth+Sky). I print these out in different colors as well as Minc them and keep them in a little drawer. Just ever-so handy. I also add another word strip using the Nowadays stamp set. Keeping it simple, getting it done.

And here’s my tip for the day. When cutting a design, cut two. It never hurts to have an extra one on hand.


The Weekly Summer Freebie is a design available every Monday for free until Sunday night. This summer fun goes from Memorial Day to Labor Day.