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I have been in a total retro mood of late. Thinkin’ lots about the 70s. Heading to the Oregon Coast as kid. The clothes. The music. The style. The simplicity of it all.

As a result, my font mood made me…made me…go in search of a retro 70s style font.

And that’s how we’ve come to welcome Bestlovers here today.



This is a scaled-down version of a commercial font that can be purchased using the link on dafont.com. As a result, it’s missing punctuation and numbers. Many times font artists will do this so you’ll fall in love with the font and then want the whole thing. :)

What I like:

I totally love the vibe of this font! Good vibes, indeed. That kind of ‘bubbly’ cursive letter style is awesome.

Helpful Hints:

Some of the letters, like ‘y’ or ‘g’ end with a little flip for when it connects to a letter. But when your word ends with that letter, it looks a little odd. Use the Eraser tool in Silhouette Studio or in Photoshop to eliminate that excess like I did in the card example above.


I think there’s a lot of fun to be had here. There’s something about a good retro font for summer. I don’t know what it is, but I see faded jeans and feathered hair all in the glowing evening sun with this font. And it’s perfect when combined with a fun sun like the one I’m suing here that I got from freepik.com. I would not recommend cutting the sun. It has a lot of jags to it and wouldn’t cut well. But it sure is fun for a print. :)




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