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I know we can all agree, we adore these girls on the KBS Creative Team! Their talent never ceases to amaze. I’m thrilled with every project they make and I’m always so excited to see how they’ll use the KBS designs.

But have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes? Where the craft? What they love? A peek into their mad, mad, mad world?

Well, this week we’re all about that! We are getting a little glimpse at where they do their magic. And we are starting off with Paige today!



As I write this we are in a state of limbo! We are in the middle of transitioning from life overseas to coming back home – most of my scrapbooking supplies are in boxes in crates in containers on a boat somewhere over the Atlantic ocean. Other things are in bins hopefully on a truck making their way to us shortly. Some things I mailed from our old home to my parent’s house where we’re living for the few in-between weeks. Basically, my scrapbooking supplies are literally scattered all over the world! I hope to be blissfully reunited with it all soon and maybe even have an actual scrap room instead of taking over the dining room table! 



Since I can’t not scrapbook (can you even imagine?! haha), my parents are letting me borrow a fold up table and shelf to organize the supplies I brought with me in suitcases. Of the 8 suitcases we brought from Germany to the US, 3 were filled with all things scrappy!! I’m so lucky that my family understands how important scrapbooking is to me :) I brought along my Silhouette Cameo and sewing machine and have used them often throughout this move. I also brought a basket of punches, an album full of layouts, and staples like adhesive and scissors, pens and pencils.



I store my current Pink Paislee collection in a clear acrylic organizing tray from Amazon. It’s really handy with all the dividers and fits 12×12 paper magically. Thanks to the dollar spot at Target (SOOOO glad to be back to the land of Targets!) I’ve stored some of my recent mini albums in a cute pink basket and office supplies in a red wire mesh caddy. 



I also brought along my camera and tripod so I can continue filming process videos and flip throughs for my YouTube channel! And to finish, a lot of the things you can see on the shelf were waiting for me when I got here from an order I placed with American Crafts like the 12×12 albums (I ran out of space a few months ago and am happy to have homes for all my layouts!) and the Cinch binding machine which I’m excited to use to make more mini albums.

This move has definitely showed me what I can and can’t live without! I’m definitely missing some things (like a rainbow of colored cardstock and other scrapbooking collections), but I’m also happy to only have what I brought – sometimes only having a few things sparks creativity!


What I love about what Paige has shared is what she can do without. I think we always want as much as possible, but it’s amazing what we truly can do without...if we have to. I also love what we’ve learned about Paige here…what she deemed important to have right here, right now. She’s got some really great things. Now I wonder what’s in all the boxes that are still coming. ;)

And c’mon…you’re thinkin’ the same thing I am…even her temporary place looks like the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory of scrapbooking. Magical and Delightful!


And on a completely unrelated note…can you believe it’s freakin’ August???


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