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I’ve been in this industry a looong time–almost 20 years now. For several of those years my studio area was so full of ‘stuff’ because I worked with Lisa Bearnson creating pages and managing a team of girls for QVC and my little 12×12 space was crammed. Over time a lot of that whittled away by giving product to so many people. In those days much of what I had sat on my surface space because I wanted what I used out where I could see it and access it freely.

Well, about 3 1/2 years ago, that all changed when we remodeled our downstairs. All I wanted to do was put it all away–out of site and make it clean. Okay, so it’s mostly out of site and I have a hard time keeping it all ‘clean’ (haha), but still, I find comfort in having  a place to close it up.

So when I saw Marcy’s space, I was like #studiogoals. She totally kicks it up a ‘clean+simple’ notch. When I look at it, all I can do is just take a deep breath feel that peace that comes with that idea of no clutter. It is something I have to work on every day in all aspects of my home.

Let’s take a look!

I’ve been memory keeping for a LONG time.  My current method for documenting our lives is very simple.  It reflects where I (and my family) am/are in life right now.  It is forever flexible and adaptable and I love that about it.

Because I work in the paper crafting industry full time I’m very fortunate to have a large space to play.  My studio (which doubles as a homeschool room as well) is currently occupying the large room above our garage/barn.  It has more than enough room for my office, a 16′ long worktable that houses all my supplies, desks for the boys and more. 



After years and years of having all my supplies out on display I’ve learned that my current self loves having them hidden and out of site.  Beneath my long worktable I have wire baskets for stamps and other things like tags, large roll out drawers for paper and then 8 drawers for stickers, die cuts, washi tape and more.  Having everything right there leaves my work surface clean.  When I want something I’ll just open a drawer… and often just leave it open while I work!



Behind my worktable I have four Expedits which house everything from extra adhesive to staples to ink for the printer.

Even though I have a lot of space I find myself purging my supplies on a regular basis and being very selective about what I bring in.  I find that I really create better with fewer supplies so I can concentrate on photos and words.

My notebook is my constant companion and my memory keeping right now occurs in there.  My format may have changed.  My style may moved to super super simple.  But either way, the memories are still recorded.  And that’s what matters.


Seriously. Let’s all take a collective deep breath and say ahhhhhh. I’m finding that the older I get, the more simple I’m becoming. I want less and less ‘things’ and more and more space. I need to declutter my space because it helps me keep my mind more free. It helps me breathe. It helps me focus.

Now if I could just kick it up a notch and be a little more like Marcy.

I tell ya, this girl is my sistah from anothah mothah. I like to write my thoughts about what my Creative Team shares before I even read what they share. I was not surprised at how much we are alike here with our thoughts.

of course we’d think alike. :)


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