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I’ve tried many a-thing when it comes to organizing. I started out with a couple cheap tables and rolling carts underneath. Moved on to a Danish desk+hutch (before IKEA). Felt closed in and removed the hutch. Added tall narrow cabinets, more plastic bins, and more plastic bins…you would have been surprised at just how much stuff I could hold.

After remodeling, I finally I scaled down to where I felt comfortable with the items I had and felt good with the organization of it all. That being said, I feel like it’s always evolving. Always cleaning. Always thinking of other ways to be efficient and wondering if there are still things I should give away. I just can’t part with some Making Memories and Li’l Davis metals…and you should see my flower collection!

Today we get to take a peek into Laura’s magical place where she just reorganized.

Hey everyone! When Kerri asked us to share a bit about our scrap spaces, and where the magic happens, it was perfect timing, since I had just finished re-organizing my space a few weeks ago. I’ve been trying to re-work my space a little, as what and how I scrap has changed over the last year or so. I’m hoping to make some changes that work better with how I scrap now.

These days, I’m really loving doing Project Life. I did it once, back in 2009, and then didn’t get back into it until last year. I’ve really found my groove with it this year, and it just works really well for this “season” of our lives. My girls are older (I’ll have 2 in college in just a few weeks!), and I find that I just don’t have the need to make as many layouts as I used to make. Project Life works perfectly for our random photos and little tidbits of our daily lives. That being said, I still love creating layouts. I don’t make as many as I used too, but when I do make them, they’re usually more meaningful than when I would create layouts just to make layouts. 



My scrap space is located in the downstairs bedroom. It’s a small room, but I’ve made it work for me over the years. The room has a large window on one wall, and a closet on another wall, leaving me two walls to work with. I have two of the large Expedit shelves from Ikea, and those take up my two remaining walls. 



I used to have my desk directly under the large window, but soon realized that I didn’t like working with my back to the door. So I now have my desk coming out from the wall, and into the room, which also allowed me to add some white storage cube drawer units under the window. I am a daycare provider by day, so there’s always a pack and play set up for napping during the week in this room. So I have to leave floor space for that.



This first Expedit shelf holds all of my paper, both cardstock and patterned paper. I also keep some of my older idea books, Project Life cards, a 3 drawer unit to hold all of my cardstock scraps, albums containing my publications, and some other random supplies. Along the top of the shelf unit, I have some large glass jars that hold ribbon, flowers, trims, and some other supplies that I don’t use that often. 



I store all of my cardstock in horizontal paper trays, and all of my patterned paper in vertical paper holders. I keep all of my papers sorted by manufacturer, as that’s how I know my papers. If I have a lot of certain manufacturers, then I will often keep them organized by collections as well. I also keep an 8.5×11 page protector in each manufacturer’s section, to hold any patterned paper scraps, as I do use them quite often. 



The biggest pet peeve about my space is that I don’t have a lot of working space, or counter space. My desk is basically the only “counter” space I have for spreading out and working on, and it’s just not big enough most of the time. I store my sewing machine on top of the white storage cubes, and drag it out to do all of my machine stitching. And my Silhouette Cameo can often times be found stored on the floor, when not in use. My closet also holds a lot of my larger tools, and supplies that I don’t use as often. 



My second Expedit shelf holds the majority of my embellishments, most of which are organized by manufacturer. I recently did some re-organizing and freed up some space on my shelves. So I have been able to bring some of my albums-in-progress into my scrap space and have them handy for when I want to work on them. I also have one cube that holds all of my printed photos (most of which are from my film years), which I also recently spend some time organizing. 



I have had these metal, mesh basket for years, and they hold a ton of product. Some baskets might contain just one manufacturer, and some baskets might have two or three similar manufacturers together. I also keep all of my chipboard, alpha stickers, and random embellishments on this shelf unit. 



I mentioned that one of my pet peeves about my space was not having enough working space. Well, I do have a really BIG working space, right outside the bedroom, so it makes up for it. This large island was built by my mom (yes, my mom!), and is 4 feet by 8 feet in size. It was custom built to my specifications, when I had my scrap space upstairs in out loft area. Years ago, when I got more involved in the scrapbook industry, I moved my space back downstairs to the bedroom (more convenient), and this huge island ended up in the playroom (aka the living room/dining room area). I actually do most of my creative work out on this island, running back and forth to my room to grab supplies and tools. 


This is so awesome! I could just stare at that Expedit with the cardstock and paper for days! It’s dreamy, right? And I want some of those wire baskets! Those are so cute! I think the hardest part about paper crafting is deciding how to organize it all.

So far we’ve seen space with it all out and space with it all tucked in.
Which way works best for you?
Is there something you want to do to your space to make it better?



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