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Oh my goodness gracious! It’s Friday already! Where has the week gone? Can you believe we only have two more days after this of the sale?

If you were unaware of the sale and were missing the natural endorphins released when saving, stamps are 20% off (discount already applied) and downloads and classes are 30% using the code BIRTHDAY7. It all ends Sunday night.

Now, today brings the magical space of our last Creative Team member, Maggie.



I’ve been memory-keeping for as long as I can remember. I used to keep little pieces of memorabilia (gum wrappers (yep, gum wrappers…), receipts, little notes, maps, postcards, you name it!) glued to the insides of my photo albums, along with cut-out letters & phrases for magazines. I love looking at those old albums…and I’m so glad I have them to pass down to my kids. It’s so important to me that the stories my family tells aren’t forgotten. But that’s not the only reason I document our family’s history…I also LOVE the creative outlet that memory-keeping provides. I have a basic NEED to make stuff, and scrapbooking is perfect for me. I’m able to change up HOW I do things, without changing the result. Our stories get told whether I’m documenting on a page or in a planner…and I think that’s pretty neat. 

Now, my scrapping formats & styles may change over time, but there will always be a few things I’ll never be without. Here are few of my must-haves…

My Hemnes dresser from IKEA is my A-number-1-go-to storage solution. I can’t believe I lived without this amazing piece of furniture for as long as I did. I like to stand while I’m creating – and this dresser is tall – so it makes the perfect work space for me.



The worktop is easy to clean, it looks great in my space, and there is SO MUCH ROOM IN THESE DRAWERS! I can fit basically everything I need in this dresser and it’s all right there & easy to reach while I’m working. I don’t have a huge room to scrap in…in fact, my craft space is just an area in our family room…so I really appreciate the look of the Hemnes dresser, too…it fits right in with my decor.



I have a few supplies I just can’t do without, too. I keep all of these in a little dish right on my dresser…all within reach. 

  • A pair of small, sharp scissors are perfect for trimming down embellishments or for cutting threads when I use my sewing machine. 
  • My 1″ circle punch. Circles are my favorite shape to use on my pages & this size is just right for almost everything I need.
  • My tape runner. 
  • Black stamp ink.
  • My acrylic stamp blocks…in various sizes, of course.
  • My journaling pens. The Sharpie Fine Point marker remains my standard, but I’ve recently found, and fallen in love with, the Pilot G-2…it’s got the most perfect ultra-fine point and there is no bleeding or smearing. I’m a leftie, so that’s hugely important for me (smile).
  • White glue. This is how I adhere my smaller embellishments. I love Sticky Thumb white glue from American Crafts. It keeps things stuck and doesn’t bleed through my papers.
  • A ruler. 
  • Stapler.
  • Markers & colored pencils. I love adding little colorful details to my journaling!




(I’m pretty sure my list and a kindergarten teacher’s list look fairly similar.)

Documenting will always be a part of my life…and, even though the how may evolve, the why never will.


You and me girl…so much alike! I did exactly what you did before ‘scrapbooking’ was a thing. I’ve been saving for as long as I can remember–even the little bits, like gum wrappers. I kept some of my mom’s Wrigley Spearmint wrappers that we found when going through her things after she passed. It’s just a little remembrance that was such a part of who she was. She always had a couple sticks of gum in her wallet. It’s amazing the memories that items like a tiny piece of paper can bring back to a person. Some may look at it as ‘junk’, but I look at it as a happy moment.

That’s what this industry has helped us all do…remember the moments–both good and bad.

And fyi, totally love the dresser organization! Kass has one that she may not want anymore…hmmm…. ;) Oh, and I love that Heidi Swapp signed your wall!

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  1. s-boyles August 5, 2017 at 6:31 am

    Happy 7th years old. Love how creative you are, yet can keep crafting space to a minimalist. That is awesome

  2. jamie pate August 7, 2017 at 8:02 am

    I love it, Maggie!!!

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