Getting Ready For Halloween

  Every year I get ready to decorate, I seem to do basically the same thing, but add something or remove's always changing yet always familiar. Last year I added the Pumpkin sign and this year? It's the brand new Retro Art: Halloween sittin' there in the frame on the right. The Retro Art is so fun for a large print and amazing as a small piece printed on a card for Project Life or other scrapbooking fun. If you want to see how I printed mine to use in a frame, check out this post. Over the years [...]

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The Battle of the Cardstock | Neenah v. Hammermill

Once upon a time I bought some Neenah Classic Crest Super Smooth Solar White 80 lb. Cover cardsotck. I don't remember buying a ream, but rather a few sheets of it to play with my stamps. Fast forward two or three years and I never could find what I did with it. In the meantime, a year or so ago, Hammermill Color Copy Digital Cover 80 lb. cardstock became my best friend. Always been a huge white cardstock fan and I loved this not only for cutting on my Silhouette, but for printing and using it with my Minc. It's [...]

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Commercial Licensing

  It's that time of year when many of you start getting all holiday crafty and many of you want to sell those homemade crafts at local boutiques and fairs. So much fun! And I thank you so much for those of you who want to use KBS designs for those crafts. Wow. I have to say that, hands down, Jingle All the Way has been the most popular craft for both personal and [limited] commercial over the past four years since it came out.     With all this in mind, I've been a little busy over the weekend. [...]

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Happy Stuff

One of the things I love so much about word stamps is that with one little stamp you've so quickly and simply kicked your page up a notch. You add some visual interest to your page while saying something. Text has been and always will be my favorite element on a page. Take a look at what Marcy has done here in her traveler's notebook.         Here's what Marcy has to say: One thing I love about little stamps that KBS does so well is that they can be so easily combined.  For this spread I combined a [...]

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A Birthday Surprise!

This weekend I said hello to 51. What? I surely can't be that old. I swear I'm only like 31, right? I can't believe how fast time flies! I had a lovely weekend with my family. Friday night Dan and I went out to Chilis on Kass. Saturday (the official day) we all went to see a movie. I had to work a little and prepare a lesson for church, so it was pretty much like every other day. ;) Sunday Jordan made curry for dinner and we had chocolate cream pie for dessert. And Tuesday I go out with [...]

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The Ballpark

My early life with Dan was spent at the ballpark--from the time we were dating to our early years with kids. He played both slow and fast pitch as well as when he hit thirty, he played in the Roy Hobbs league, baseball for men over 30. This guy has an arm on him, I tell ya. I've seen him gun it clear out at the back of left field to home plate. We'd go to tournaments for the weekend in other cities and we always had a good time. He doesn't really play anymore, but those were good days [...]

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Destination SF

Oh boy. I wish that title meant I was going to San Francisco. This girl could not only use a trip, but has been craving to travel. We'd talked of going to the Kalispell/Glacier area again at the end of August and it was a good thing it never came together because, hello...fires. The west side is basically closed. I just can't believe all the devastation going on right now in so many places. Fires,'s just so saddening. All the destruction in both beauty and people's lives. I think this year has had more than its fair share. Time [...]

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Sorry I've been a little MIA. We've had a bit of a rough time this past week. Not a story I care to share, but know that we are all well. The week just really sucked and it's now hard to even want to get into the swing of things. One more of those 'weird' things to add for this year. I'm sooo done. This was the final straw for me. Pretty much more than I can handle.     The debate is to work or just do more of this with Jordan's cute baby kitty, Tito (means 'giant' in [...]

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The Final Summer Freebie | Gift Card Striped Envelope

Labor Day has come and gone and summer is officially over--regardless of the 98 degree temps we seem to be having. Someone needs to tell Utah that this is a fall month and those are July temps. I want to thank you all for your enthusiasm over this summer's Weekly Freebie. It's been so incredibly fun to see thousands of you stop by this summer to pick the freebie--it's like my own little virtual vacation spot. So many people from so many countries have taken a 'summer vacation' here. People have visited from the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, [...]

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New Life Scripted Stamps

Sometimes ya just gotta script out your life by adding flair-ee words and phrases to photos to document it. Am I right? (just agree with me. ;) ) That's what this month's stamps, Life Scripted, is all about. (And hello? Speaking of 'this month''s September!) I love mixing handwritten items with great fonts. I think the two just go hand and hand. And our Miss Maggie has done a most excellent job at showing just how that's done with the new stamps! Take it away Maggie... Now that my kids are back in school, I've been taking a few hours each [...]

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