New Life Scripted Stamps

Sometimes ya just gotta script out your life by adding flair-ee words and phrases to photos to document it. Am I right? (just agree with me. ;) )

That’s what this month’s stamps, Life Scripted, is all about.
(And hello? Speaking of ‘this month’…it’s September!)

I love mixing handwritten items with great fonts. I think the two just go hand and hand. And our Miss Maggie has done a most excellent job at showing just how that’s done with the new stamps!

Take it away Maggie…

Now that my kids are back in school, I’ve been taking a few hours each day to purge every single room in our house. I’m SO DONE with all this stuff we have. Just. So. Done. So it’s all on its way out…once and for all. The work is going slowly, but I already feel our house getting lighter…and it’s been so freeing and inspiring. 

I’ve been moving more toward this same approach in my memory keeping for the past year or so and I don’t see a change for me any time soon. I just LOVE the look of clean & not cluttered with a lot of white and pops of color.

For these projects I used Kerri’s brand new Life Scripted stamp…and, let me tell you, just like the rest of her stamps, it’s AWESOME. 

The mix of typefaces and word sizes is perfect, and it’s really all you need to add just the right amount of embellishing to your work.

For my layout, I combined the individual phrases in the set to create my title. I stamped each scripted word in two different colors to give them a little more depth, and I stamped the smaller words & sentiments in black ink so that they would stand out.




This page in my photo journal is complete with just a single photo and a few stamps from the set. 




Done, and done. And beautifully uncluttered.


I love that phrase…beautifully uncluttered. Sounds simply divine. I love alllll of this from Maggie! I’ve said it before, the KBS Creative Team always surprises me with what they do. I never would have thought to make a little sentence out of it all.


And that teeny ‘better together’ under the names?
ack! love.

And Maggie, I’m with you on ‘the purge’. So done with stuff as well. Feels good to get it out.


If this has tickled your fancy, go check out the rest of Life Scripted in the store. It’s on sale today and tomorrow for 10% off–both physical and digital.

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