Labor Day has come and gone and summer is officially over–regardless of the 98 degree temps we seem to be having. Someone needs to tell Utah that this is a fall month and those are July temps.

I want to thank you all for your enthusiasm over this summer’s Weekly Freebie. It’s been so incredibly fun to see thousands of you stop by this summer to pick the freebie–it’s like my own little virtual vacation spot. So many people from so many countries have taken a ‘summer vacation’ here. People have visited from the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, South Africa, Turkey, Germany, France, Hungary, Netherlands, UK, Sweden, Brazil, Switzerland, Ukraine, Vietnam, Norway, The Netherlands, Barbados, Iceland, Guatemala, Lithuania, Hong Kong and so many countries in between. I wish I could list them all! 

What an amazing community we have! I love how people from all over the world have a common goal to document the story of our lives in such a fun way.

completely awesome.

Now, my last gift to you is the gift that keeps on giving….a Gift Card Striped Envelope.




I didn’t start with the intention of decking this photo out in Christmas style, but knowing what’s coming and the anticipation of it all? I couldn’t help myself.

But these can be used for any occasion–birthday, wedding, thank you, mother’s day, Christmas…you name it!

And when I was designing it, I had this whole black+white striped theme going in my head. But once I printed it…oh my heck, it needed to be Minc’d too!

The fun part is that you can add your own sentiments. Just delete the text and type your own. You can also change colors. There is a main white background piece for the stripes and then you can change the color of the stripes.

Set up your Print+Cut (if you’re using Silhouette or some other cutter) and you’re on your merry way.

If you don’t have a cutter, use the PDF to print it and then trim it by hand. You’ll just need to make a notch or secure the flaps together in some other fashion.


Now my mind is a-flutter with all sorts of holiday ideas. It’s gonna come fast–just like summer came and went. I can’t believe it’s over.