Sorry I’ve been a little MIA. We’ve had a bit of a rough time this past week. Not a story I care to share, but know that we are all well. The week just really sucked and it’s now hard to even want to get into the swing of things.

One more of those ‘weird’ things to add for this year. I’m sooo done. This was the final straw for me. Pretty much more than I can handle.



The debate is to work or just do more of this with Jordan’s cute baby kitty, Tito (means ‘giant’ in Spanish–he’s the runt).

Comfort from this little guy is just what the doctor ordered. He is a spunky little thing. He learned how to climb the stairs last night and now hops up them like speed demon bunny. He’ll climb just about everything, including your pants or shirt (if you’re sitting) just to get up to you to so he can cuddle. You can hold him in the palm of your hand. He’s so funny to watch play. He loves to snuggle between ‘the mountains’ on my chest and also around Jordan’s neck. And the cutest thing is that he loves to give you kisses, many times putting his little paws to sides of your face even as he comes in to ‘kiss’. So affectionate. So purry. So danged lovable. What a sweet little spirit.

Cute little selfie of us, right? :)

Anyway, I do hope to really do some work. I need to. It’s hard though.

What do you guys do to motivate yourself to push on when things are just sucking?

Hoping for something bright to come this way–and stay for a loooong while . :)