The Ballpark

My early life with Dan was spent at the ballpark–from the time we were dating to our early years with kids. He played both slow and fast pitch as well as when he hit thirty, he played in the Roy Hobbs league, baseball for men over 30. This guy has an arm on him, I tell ya. I’ve seen him gun it clear out at the back of left field to home plate. We’d go to tournaments for the weekend in other cities and we always had a good time.

He doesn’t really play anymore, but those were good days hanging out at the ballpark. Every now and again we manage to catch a major league game, but all we have in our state of Utah are minor league teams, one of which is in our home town. There’s nothing like hanging out at the ballpark and enjoying a game. I have to say, aside from the incredibly obnoxious drunk guys right behind us, the Cubs vs St. Louis game two years ago right at the season’s end was the best experience we ever had. The park is amazing. It still had that ‘small town’ feel. We were in the bleachers behind left field  and just a stone’s throw away from the players. It was great.

That’s why I loved this memory of Laura’s. Using their stay-cation time to attend a minor league game. That ‘small town’ feel that you get from minor league just makes the experience a classic.



DesignsThe Ol’ Ballgame (The Ballpark) and Background Basics (circle background) ]

Love Laura’s way of layering here. Small strips of paper, title and journaling for an awesome color-blocked creation! It keeps the design of the page clean with character and you still keep focus on the photos.

Let’s hear what Laura has to say:

As part of our family’s little stay-cation back in July, one of the things that we did was take in a minor league baseball game one evening. If you ask me, attending a minor league game can actually be more fun than attending a major league game. It’s a smaller venue. You’re not dealing with the massive amounts of traffic, parking, and people. It’s just got that small town feel to it, and it’s fun to go out and support your local team. My husband has been umpiring high school, and occasionally some college, baseball for well over ten years now. Baseball is his thing, so he just loves being out there and watching the sport. 

I really only took one intentional photo during the game, and that was a photo of Joe watching the game, taken from behind. I knew he was in his element, calling balls and strikes from where we were sitting out on the lawn. I did snap two very candid photos with my phone  – one of Alyssa, and one of Sarah and her boyfriend. I may have came back with three photos, but I knew it was enough to document the game.  

I kept my page design pretty simple. I started by adhering my three 4×4″ photos from top to bottom, along the left side of the page, with a few strips of patterned paper. On the right side of the page, I started at the top, and worked my way down, adding in cardstock, patterned paper, my journaling, and even one of our tickets from the game. If you know me, you know that I love to include some white-on-white action on most of my layouts. It works really well for the space behind my title, since I’m usually die cutting my titles from black cardstock and/or patterned papers. 

I used a piece of a white cardstock circle background, cut from Kerri’s Background Basics kit, and adhered it over the top right corner of the page where my title was going to go. I went straight to Kerri’s older The Ol’ Ballgame kit for that title, which I cut from black and red cardstock. I knew I would keep my embellishments super simple, and started out with just a few enamel dots. But then I remembered having some really old baseball buttons in my stash, and I think they were the perfect finishing touch for this layout. 



And now I have Take Me Out To The Ballgame stuck in my head. ;)

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