Happy Halloween!

  Our humble abode may not be filled with kids getting into costumes and carving pumpkins anymore, but we still love seeing all the kiddos come by in their costume. And if they're lucky, they get to greet Otis who happily accepts any petting from anyone. Tomorrow is November...which I can't even grasp the concept of. But new stamps will be available...and this is a little sneak peek of one of them. :) Happy Halloween everyone!

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Tiny Details

I love adding the tiniest details to my pages--and that usually comes in the form of a stamp. Tiny little words, tiny little lines, tiny little accents...the tiny details that take your page up a notch. It's my favorite way to accent. I did manage to whip up a second spread. Two in a week? Yay me again! Here it is, with all its tiny details. :)     As with yesterday's page, I used my Misti Stamp Tool to place the stamps as needed. Because I remove the staples from my book and bind it with a large rubber [...]

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Capitol Reef Is In The Books

I'm pretty darn good about getting each week documented......on my computer. Getting them 'into the books' is often a different story. I need to make a habit to get 1-2 weeks done each week, otherwise, I'm never gonna get 'em in, right? So here is this week's page from Mother's Day this past May when all I wanted was to go camping with my family. I plan on making a different book to document the trip, but the memory of that week is in my main journal.       Keeping it simple. Getting it done. On this spread I [...]

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My Life Has Been A Closed Book

Alright. So, not a 'closed book' in the usual sense. But rather, it's been a life of literally closed books. On a rare occasion I may have read a Mary Higgins Clark book or a Dan Brown book...even if it took me about a year to finally read the last one I had. But pretty much, I just haven't had the time--or taken the time--to read. All that changed this year with my One Little Word, illuminate. I decided that I needed to take that time to expand my horizons in the printed word--something  longer than a paragraph and leaning towards a [...]

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Long Story Short

I think one of the main reason's why I love a travelers notebook is because you can document a bit of time in a small amount of space. I love the idea of keeping things small and efficient. At least that's how I've been feeling the past two or three years. We'll see what happens in two or three more. ;) I like the idea of keeping the long story short. Not every 'story' needs all the details. It's more about documenting a slice of life. Sometimes, less is more. And I love what our darling Marcy has to share with [...]

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A Fall Moment

If there's one thing you gotta do in the fall, it's head for the hills....uh...mountains. The changing scenery and colors is always breathtaking. One of the popular spots to do that is the Alpine Loop. It's been tugging at me to do for the past couple weeks and finally yesterday, my bestie and Jordan took a quick little adventure up the American Fork Canyon side, stopping for a small 'hike' along the Timpanooeke Trail and at our usual digs, a campground up the canyon. We didn't have a lot of time, but my soul just needed to get out and [...]

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Christmas Greetings

This time last year was not my best year in the land of work. As a result, most of my time was spent working on a new site, but additionally, I had my son's wedding to prepare for. His (at the time) soon-to-be mother-in-law asked if I would design a large print of a quote she loved for the wedding. During the process, I thought, 'Hmm...this would be a really fun look for some Christmas songs.' It was coming up on the holiday season, after all. I whipped up one to see what it would be like and that's as [...]

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Travelers Templates in Holiday Style!

  I love having choices...variety....getting the most bang for my buck, as it were. And that's why I thought it would be awesome to have a set of templates that wouldn't be specific to one holiday, but two...and even all year long. Today I present to you, Travelers Templates: Holiday Style.   This unique set of ten templates has a variety options for text and photos. Even though these were made with Christmas and Thanksgiving (gratitude + family) in mind, many are universal and can be used all year. They are 4.125 x 8.25 to fit into a traveler's notebook. Additionally, [...]

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Food, Glorious Food.

I do love me some glorious food. And with the holidays just around the corner, I can't wait for all those tasty bits that only seem to come 'round this time of year. We often take pictures of the big Thanksgiving feast or Christmas dinner. But I also love documenting about food all through the year. I often include what we make for Sunday dinner or where Dan and I go to eat out--I think it's incredibly important to include in your story. It gives your posterity a little 'taste' of your life. ;) That's why I'm totally in love [...]

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Get Your Tags Ready!

  You all know how much of a fan I am of tags. I love store-bought tags, but I also love cutting my own! When you cut your own, you get to pick the color or style of cardstock, you get to pick the size, and you get to pick any 'accessories' that may accompany it. One of my favorite tag designs in the store is the classic Office Tag with the curvy reinforcement. And with all the fun holidays coming up quickly, this is the perfect tag to cut out a bundle to have on hand. To make a [...]

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