Oh boy! I have been waiting for this day for quite some time. Holiday stamps are always one of my favorites and we have two beauties here for you!

Say hello to Hocus Pocus and Deck the Halls!


If you’re thinking that Hocus Pocus isn’t ‘new’, it’s because we did a preorder on the stamp set at the beginning of September so that we could make sure that those who wanted to get one of these limited time only stamps, could. Now that we’re at its official release date, we have a limited amount available to purchase. We will not restock them again until later summer 2018.

Next up we have Deck the Halls with some of my new favorite designs. Oh boy are there some fun things you can do with this one…which I’ll be sharing tomorrow.


I know some of you just peruse through the text, only looking at the beautiful pictures, but I really wanted you to read this. If you are interested in Deck The Halls, there was a little mistake on my part (after 2 1/2 years, it finally happened). The one stamp says a beautiful site // we’re happy tonight. Um. I used site instead of sight. Technically it’s not misspelled–it can still be used, but it isn’t the right ‘sight’ from the song. Therefore, this first release of these stamps will be 15% off until they are sold out. (Sales are final.) Updated stamps, with the correct spelling, won’t be available for about a month.


Now, for today, Maggie is working her magic with the new Hocus Pocus set and some other fun KBS packaging goodies. Take a look!






[ DesignsBoxed Up The Paper Bag / Paper Bag: Rectangle / Buffalo Check Background / Office Tag.
StampsHocus Pocus. ]

Oh my heck! What a treat!  I am totally under her spell. Love these projects! She has blended so many fun KBS goodies here with the Hocus Pocus stamps. It’s better than a bucket full of candy…all the good kinds (no Smarties).


Here she is to tell you all about them.

Yay! Hello October! We’ve been through a bit of a late summer/early autumn heat wave here in the Midwest over the past few weeks…but we’re FINALLY starting to get more seasonal weather. And I couldn’t be happier.

Now that things have cooled off a little, I’ve been more motivated to start creating for the holidays…can you even believe that I’m saying that? “The holidays?” How did we even get here so fast? Crazy.

I was so excited to start off my end-of-the-year creating with Kerri’s brand new Hocus Pocus Stamps – along with a few of her fantastic cut-files – and I can’t wait to show you what I created! 

Now, I am always in need of little gift bags or boxes around here, especially during the holidays. There is always someone to give a little something to – neighbors, friends, teachers, the mail carrier, the UPS guy – and I like to keep a few things on hand – already wrapped & decorated – so that I’m not running crazy trying to buy gifts at the last minute. Or, even worse, stuck empty-handed when someone drops by with something special for us.

Kerri’s gift boxes and bags cut-files are a perfect way to add that extra touch to your gifts and they are SO EASY to cut and put together…even if you don’t have an electric cutter!

I cut a few of these pieces out, both by hand & with my Silhouette, and then I printed out some Office Tags. I did edit them a bit so that they fit with my Halloween theme. Then I simply added a few stamps from the Hocus Pocus set and done! 

And look at how stinking great they look!

Making these totally got me into the Halloween spirit…and now I’m all set to surprise some of our most important people with a little treat.


Seriously. Spooktacular!
(Are you done with all the Halloween references yet? ;) )

I simply adore her blended use of the stamps and tags. I mean… really!
I would never have thought to do that. It’s fantastic!

And if you think these are wonderful, just you wait until tomorrow folks, when Miss Paige shares some amazing Christmas goodies using the new Deck The Halls stamps!