You all know how much of a fan I am of tags. I love store-bought tags, but I also love cutting my own! When you cut your own, you get to pick the color or style of cardstock, you get to pick the size, and you get to pick any ‘accessories’ that may accompany it.

One of my favorite tag designs in the store is the classic Office Tag with the curvy reinforcement. And with all the fun holidays coming up quickly, this is the perfect tag to cut out a bundle to have on hand.

To make a bunch, here’s what I do:

Open the Office Tag file.



Silhouette pulls in SVG files in all sorts of ways, so make sure each tag is grouped together properly by ungrouping the items that ‘cross group’ between the two tags and removing the text so that you just have tags, reinforcements, and the hole for both plus the dashed lines of the notched tag. I often make a copy of the original and move it to the side before I start tweaking a design. Habit. :)



Create different sizes for different creative whims. The SVG version of the tag should come in at a 1.625” x 2.88”. That’s roughly the size of the small Avery tags (it’s slightly wider to accommodate the text here.) If you want to do the average shipping size tag, it’s about 2.68” x 4.75”. Of course, you can make them however big or small that you’d like.

Copy and paste as many as you’d like for each. Cmd/Ctrl and the Right Arrow will copy them across the page for you. I do prefer to have tiny space between them so they’ll be sure to cut nicely. Move the last tag to the right  little, select the tags and use Space Horizontally for that.



Once you have a nice assortment, save this as a Tag Master file so you can pull it up any time you want to quickly run off more. I chose to do more plain small tags because I’m always using those.

I also opted to change it to Letter size so that I could use my Neenah or Hammermill cardstock for stamping on them. (See this post for the ‘battle’ between the two.)



Once it’s set up, select the tags and Ungroup them so that you can move the reinforcements off to the side. (Right-click / Ungroup). To do that, make one copy of each size, move it over to the side and group it. You need to leave a copy of the holes in the tags, so then go through and delete just the reinforcement part on the tags, leaving the hole behind.

If you select everything and/or turn on the Cut LInes (which you have to do anyway for SVGs in Studio), you’ll see the holes are still there. You can also turn on a Line Color for it all and see that way too.



Now if you want, you can use a different screen for the reinforcements or move the tags aside and copy several to cut. I love using postal paper for my reinforcements–the kind you can buy on a roll in the shipping section. Or, use a paper bag. It’s a thin weight and doesn’t stick up like cardstock. It’s the best…more like a reinforcement. You could even do extra reinforcements for fun, if you want.

Be sure to save this master tag file again once you’re done.

Give them a cut…and cut as many as you need. The more the merrier. :)



And then keep them all in something really cool…like an antique bread pan. ;)




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