I do love me some glorious food. And with the holidays just around the corner, I can’t wait for all those tasty bits that only seem to come ’round this time of year. We often take pictures of the big Thanksgiving feast or Christmas dinner. But I also love documenting about food all through the year. I often include what we make for Sunday dinner or where Dan and I go to eat out–I think it’s incredibly important to include in your story. It gives your posterity a little ‘taste’ of your life. ;)

That’s why I’m totally in love with this spread of Laura’s!







[ Designs | Recipe Cards (recipe label, recipe cards) / Tasty (breakfast, lunch, dinner, yummy), / This & That: Autumn (red patterned paper) / This & That: School (black ruled, green patterned paper) / The History Project (food, glorious food) / Digital Stamps: Thankful (love food)


Not only does the food look amazing, but the page is awesome! Love her combination of This+That kit background pieces with the recipe card elements. Perfection!

Let’s hear what Laura has to say:

It’s been a while since I’ve added to my 6×12″ personal album (pocket pages) that I started about a year ago. So when I was tossing ideas around for what to create for Kerri this month, it felt like a good time to add to that album. I realized that I had shared quite a few “in the kitchen” photos on Instagram over the last month or two, and thought they would work perfectly to document one of my newest routines in the kitchen. 

I started by picking out four photos that told the story I was looking to tell. I wanted to add a little something to my photos digitally, before printing them out, and settled on the fun labels in Kerri’s Recipe Cards kit. I added the label to each photo, and then added text to the labels to specify what each meal in the photo was. 

While I was digging around in the Recipe Cards kit, I realized the recipe cards themselves would be perfect for the journaling cards. I love how you can pick the background for each card, and then just plop in the filler card, which is the ruled part of the journaling card. I created two cards that would coordinate with my photos – one 4×6″ card, which I did use for my journaling, and one 3×4″ card, which I ended up using as more of a filler card. 

Since I was already in Photoshop, adding digital elements to my photos and creating the digital journaling cards, I decided to just go ahead and create the rest of my filler cards digitally as well. I wanted to create a few 3×4″ patterned paper filler cards and my 4×6″ title card, so I used print and cut files from Kerri’s This & That kits (both the Autumn and School themed kits) to create my own “patterned paper”. I then added a brushscript word to each card, using the Tasty kit, and used a design from Kerri’s The History Project class for my title card. The “breakfast”, “lunch”, and “dinner” words from the Tasty kit worked perfectly for my photos. 

Once I had printed out all of my photos, digital journaling cards, and digital filler cards, all I had to do was add a few simple wood veneer embellishments to a few cards and slip everything into the pocket pages. If you’ve never though to try using Kerri’s designs digitally, I encourage you to give it a try. I love that it gives you even more fun ways to use her kits!


Just love how this all came together. And love that Laura is sharing a little slice of life. Not to mention the food looks amazing! I wonder if she’ll mind if I just pop by for a dinner…or breakfast…or lunch…. ;)