I think one of the main reason’s why I love a travelers notebook is because you can document a bit of time in a small amount of space. I love the idea of keeping things small and efficient. At least that’s how I’ve been feeling the past two or three years. We’ll see what happens in two or three more. ;)

I like the idea of keeping the long story short. Not every ‘story’ needs all the details. It’s more about documenting a slice of life. Sometimes, less is more.

And I love what our darling Marcy has to share with us today. She shows what a little paper, tape, stamp, photos and pen can do to document a slice of her life.

Take a look.

To make things really quick and simple I like to keep scraps of paper trimmed to the size of my travelers notebook.  


More often than not I gravitate towards a spread with patterned paper on one side and journaling on the other so this makes documenting really easy.



Another one of my go-to’s is date stamps.  Sometimes I can’t be bothered to go check the date and other times I have photos from multiple dates on one spread (as was the case here). 



I love that KBS carries such a great variety of date stamps that documenting a time frame (even when it’s days or weeks apart) is super simple.

Stamps: Long Story Short + Side By Side


Oh my gosh! I love the idea of trimming down patterned paper to have on hand! There are many things, like tags and other elements that I always have ready to use, but it never occurred to me to trim down paper.

Brilliant idea!

This is just oh so lovely.