Alright. So, not a ‘closed book’ in the usual sense. But rather, it’s been a life of literally closed books. On a rare occasion I may have read a Mary Higgins Clark book or a Dan Brown book…even if it took me about a year to finally read the last one I had. But pretty much, I just haven’t had the time–or taken the time–to read.

All that changed this year with my One Little Word, illuminate.

I decided that I needed to take that time to expand my horizons in the printed word–something  longer than a paragraph and leaning towards a few hundred pages.

I needed to start reading books.



And by golly, I’ve done a pretty darn good job of it. I feel quite amazed when I look at my Kindle app on my phone and see the book cover photos. I don’t know that I’ve read this many books since maybe I was in school.

Yay me!

What’s helped me tremendously is the modern-day reading that we have–Kindle app on my iPhone in conjunction with the Overdrive app that allows you to check out books online at the library to read on your Kindle app. What a beautiful world we live in!

I know that many people prefer the touch and feel of an actual book, but I tell ya, this reading on my phone has opened a whole new world! It’s always with me so I can pretty much read anywhere. It’s awesome! And I love that I don’t have to spend money on books, nor do I have to go anywhere to actually get a book that may or may not be in. If it’s not immediately available for checkout, I’m put on a waitlist and when it’s there, it’s automatically checked out to me. Brilliant.

So with my renewed love of reading, I thought I might share some of my novice-reader thoughts on a couple of the more recent books I’ve read. And by ‘novice’, I mean, I’m not a profound reader. I like reading books for entertainment. I don’t like it when the voice is ‘too smart’ for me. I started reading a book like that and it was just too much. Kass likened it to when Joey got the toilet paper with the word of the day. It was like the book threw up a thesaurus. Not my cup of tea.

Additionally, I love mysteries, but I don’t like it when books ramble on with nonsense or describing things in waaay too much detail.

So with that little bit of background on my reading style, here’s a couple books I read in the past week. Neither of which happen to be a mystery, oddly enough. ;)



Love & Gelato

I really enjoyed this book. It was just a fun read. It may be in the ‘young adult’ category because the two main characters are older teenagers, but I loved the story and wit for all in the book. It’s set in Florence (or near it) and having been there before, it was fun to visualize where they were. It’s about a young girl who is sent to get to know her father living in Italy after her mother dies.

It truly is a delightful read if you’re looking for something light and fun. Sweet story.


What Alice Forgot

I was really excited to read this book because I liked the overall concept of this book. I did like it…when I was actually reading about the main story. But remember what I said about rambling on and blathering? Yeah. This book did that a lot. I’m sure it was to share a story in a different way, but much was not pertinent to the main story and to me it just feels like unnecessary filler.

The book is about a woman who hits her head and loses the last ten years of her life–from a mother of three getting a divorce to reverting back to newly married and pregnant with their first child. The story itself is what intrigued me to read it. But to be honest, I thought I’d see what happened if I skipped from 20% read to 50% read (on my Kindle app) and  I really don’t feel like I missed anything. I also skimmed through a lot of the sister’s journal entries. The writing of it all just wasn’t my cup of tea. It got great reviews, and I liked the story in general. But I wanted to hear more of her story as she went along and there was too much back story and blathering that wasn’t pertinent–at least to me, it wasn’t. I just begin to lose patience with it when it rambles.

I loved reading about how she dealt with being the person she thought she was as her younger self and how she’d changed from that person to become the person she was today–which was not how she thought she would be. And then how she had to deal with the people that knew her as she was currently just before the accident.

Great story in general, just too much blathering for me. :)


I’m always on the lookout for other great books to read, so if you have a favorite you’ve read, please share!