I’m pretty darn good about getting each week documented……on my computer.

Getting them ‘into the books’ is often a different story. I need to make a habit to get 1-2 weeks done each week, otherwise, I’m never gonna get ’em in, right?

So here is this week’s page from Mother’s Day this past May when all I wanted was to go camping with my family. I plan on making a different book to document the trip, but the memory of that week is in my main journal.




Keeping it simple. Getting it done. On this spread I let the stamps do all the talking. And I can’t tell you just how much I’m digging my Misti Stamp Tool! I used it to stamp all but Capitol Reef. That was just too hard to line up.

Additionally, because I use a rubber band to bind my albums, I can remove my pages to print or stamp on. (See this post HERE for tips on doing that.) In fact, I needed to stamp the white ink a couple times because it just wasn’t rich enough, and because I used my Misti, I could just re-ink the stamp and have it line up exactly in the same spot. LOVE!

Alrighty then…time to get to work on another spread….or so I hope. ;)


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