I Like Big Photos And I Cannot Lie

Okay, so I like them big and narrow. Is it just me or do the photos you see in Instagram Stories just seem so much more impressive than seeing it in a square? The crop factor just makes it so amazing! Of course, I do follow a few 'travel' type websites, so they really have the wow factor in that perspective. I think that's why I love the TN size. I love that tall and narrow format. And throw in a photo of the same size? Oooh, gives me goosebumps...just like what you see here in Miss Marcy's travelers notebook [...]

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Jolly Holiday Sale!

Oh my goodness! Did you guys have an awesome holiday? We definitely got stuffed and had good times with family. Even managed to see a movie--Murder on the Orient Express. It got medium reviews so we went with medium expectations and therefore enjoyed it well enough. :) We also watched The Force Awakens at home so that we'd be ready for The Last Jedi when it came out. I love it when we all watch movies together. It doesn't happen very often where everyone is together. We also celebrated Zach's birthday while he and his wife were down from Idaho. He and [...]

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Grateful Sale

  In continuation with the theme this week, we are having a Grateful Sale (rather than a Black Friday/Cyber Monday labeled sale. ;) ) Through Monday, on purchases of $10+,  you can save 40% on kits and classes with the code GRATEFUL and 20% on stamps (sale already applied). (Exclusions include the most recent stamps, Christmas Calendar, and classes already discounted.) And, to top it off, we've restocked the following stamps!  A Big Month, Escape, For You, It's A Party, Kramer, Line By Line, Maxwell, One Fine Day, and Travelogue. Please note that we will not have a December stamp release due to efforts made to restock all [...]

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With Grateful Heart

  It is with grateful heart that I express to you my love and appreciation for all of you that make this little neck of the woods such an amazing place to be. To help show my love, here's a lovely handwritten phrase. You can pick it up free in the store here. I hope all my US peeps have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! And if you live elsewhere, I hope you have an awesome weekend! Love to you all! mwah!

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Brand New Christmas Calendar

This has literally been a year in the making. You might recognize some of the designs--like the Santa, reindeer and trees--from the Happy Christmas stamps that were released last year. I had created some designs before all heck broke loose on my site last year with the intent of using them in a brand new advent calendar as well as stamps. Long story short, the brand new kit, Christmas Calendar, is finally here!     Originally, I had intended to purchase a frame. Then I thought I could use a gold frame that has a painting that my grandma made [...]

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The Book Review | The Kitchen House + The Alice Network

Before I start, I can't even begin to express how much I've enjoyed reading this year as a result of my one little word to illuminate myself more. I feel like I can't devour enough books. What a great feeling! Here are my two most recent books that I've read...and loved.     The Kitchen House is about life in the time of slavery, but from the perspective of an Irish indentured servant child and her life as she grows on this estate. The dynamics of a white child serving in a 'slave' capacity creates a very interesting story. Even though the [...]

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Home + Family Is Where It’s At

Can you believe 'Thanksgiving Eve' is one week from today? I can taste all the goodness right now. So excited for turkey, homemade stuffing, cheesy potatoes, sweet potato souffle, pumpkin and/or apple pie...oh my, the list goes on and on! Oh, and in our house on holiday mornings, we do Caramel French Toast, which is made the night before and ready to pop in the oven. Mmmmm..... This time of year brings thoughts to home, family, friends...all the love...all the grateful things in your life. And it also brings us to this adorable spread by Miss Laura.       [...]

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The Book Review | What She Knew + Origins

Time to share my thoughts on a couple books I've read recently. What She Knew by Gilly Macmillan and Origins by Dan Brown.   Let's start with Dan Brown's, Origins. I was super excited when I found out this was coming out as a new book in October. I love the Robert Langdon series and Dan Brown always writes an adventurous, plot-twisting book. This book was no exception. The only part about these books that I'm not keen on is the endings when they go on and on with explanation. And this one had a somewhat 'far out' explanation. It's [...]

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Our Diabetic Cat

  Say hello to Sam. Sam is our cat of eight years come this February. He has what I'd consider a stereotypical cat personality in that he wants your affection on his terms. He may not be the cuddly creature that Tito is (Jordan's kitty), but he still loves you...in his own way. For the past little while we've noticed a difference in him. He drinks and pees a lot and has lost weight. Still eats though. So we finally took him to the vet since it seemed like it wasn't changing. And we found out, Sam is diabetic. wow. [...]

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My November Vignette

The one thing I love about this time of year is decorating my piano. I usually keep things pretty simple in the decorating category because for me, simple is doable. I've struggled with this 'in between' phase in the month of November. I have a Halloween display and a Christmas display (I'll share an updated photo next month), but until this year I never had much decor for November--Thanksgiving, fall, gratitude, all that. I bought a fall leaf and cotton garland and a new fabric pumpkin this year at a place called Real Deals in Idaho that works perfectly with [...]

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